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This is what you need to know before transforming your patio area

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If you are looking to make positive changes to your outdoor area, then one of the most crucial areas of attention is undoubtedly the patio area.

This is because the patio area is the most flexible part of your garden; able to be used for a variety of different roles. For instance, you could put a set of outdoor tables and chairs on it and use it as a place to entertain friends and family, put a barbeque on it, or even use it as a surface to play games with your child.

However, if your patio area is in dire need of an improvement, then you need to get to work before it becomes unusable. 

If you are wondering which changes to make and when, this is what you need to know before transforming your patio area.

Make sure you can run any appliances easily

One of the most underrated aspects of having a patio area is the ability to use items such as barbecues, outdoor lighting, sound systems, and other electric appliances on it.

However, it is easy to forget about this when you are busy thinking about more fundamental improvements including weeding or the pattern of the tiles themselves (which might look dated currently).

As a result, you could forget to make sure you can run any electrical appliances easily from the patio area. This would render the entire space pretty compromised if you can’t use it for what you want, just because of a lack of electrical supply.

Therefore, fit as many electrical outlets as you need, and run them from the house. You can find plug sockets and other electrical supplies for sale at an online electrical store.

Weed it regularly

If you have a patio area then the bane of your life is going to be weeds. They are almost certainly going to grow in huge quantities between the cracks of the tiles if you do not take care of them first, so make sure you weed the patio regularly.

To do this properly, you can’t just trim the weeds and hope that they go away. Instead, you need to pull them out at their roots and treat the affected areas with some weed killer.

You should also jet wash the patio stones numerous times each year, to ensure the slabs maintain their shine and the weeds have been blasted from between the cracks.

Make sure the patio is level

Of course, your patio area will be largely useless in your garden unless you make sure that it is level.

If your patio is at an angle then you will find it impossible to place anything on it without it sliding or being somewhat dangerous to use.

Imagine trying to sit on a chair or use a barbecue if it is on a slope. All this will do is present an unnecessary annoyance and soak one end of the garden whenever it rains.

Of course, if you think the patio is at an angle, then get a spirit level out and check. If it is, you may have to rip up the tiles, lay some more level earth, and then start again.

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