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The Importance of Regular Termite Inspection

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A spot termite treatment and inspection can be very useful to determine the current state of the structures, floors, and wooden furniture in your house. If you’re planning on buying a home, or you fear the integrity of wooden objects in your home may have been compromised by the action of pests, this is the service for you.


Smart shoppers will always make sure to schedule a pest inspection before buying any home. An inspection will uncover potential termite damage and determine if the damage caused by pests is considerable, as pests like rodents and termites can affect the underlying structure of the home, as well as the objects within.

Repairing pest damage can be expensive, so evidence of pest problems can end up being a critical negotiating tool when buying real estate. You also don’t want any unpleasant surprises after you’ve moved in, like discovering a major termite infestation lurking under your brand new dream home.


The climate and environment in Florida create the perfect conditions for numerous pests to cause horrific damage in a very short space of time. Regular pest inspections are necessary, even during treatment, as it is vitally important to identify pest problems early before costly damage is done.

At Florida Termite Guys we carry out regular reviews of all our termite treatments, custom tailoring  our visits to clients by increasing their frequency in the event of an incident or increased termite activity.

Spot termite treatment and inspections also include assessing the risk of an infestation, pointing out leaks in construction, drainage, and environmental conditions that increase the likelihood of future pest attacks.


A quality pest inspection includes a thorough, methodical, and careful visual examination inside and outside your home or business by an experienced, licensed pest technician who looks for evidence of termites, woodworm, wood decay, fungus, and mold.

During the termite inspection, the technician will look for evidence of past pest activity as well as conditions that increase the risk of future pest problems. They sometimes use specialized tools such as moisture meters, monitoring, and endoscope-type cameras, but the most effective pest detection tool is an experienced technician using their own two eyes and years of applied knowledge.

Here are some of the signs the pest inspector will be looking for:

  • The appearance of dirt or mud in the corners of rooms or around baseboards
  • Electrical problems and defective socketscaused by pests such as termites
  • Visible damage to wood or plaster


Many customers are unsure if they should be present during a termite inspection. In most cases, the customer’s presence will be required during an inspection, and it is safe to remain at home during an inspection. This allows problem areas to be pinpointed and explained first-hand.

The technician will discuss with the client the deficiencies found and the activity of xylophages, providing a detailed report.

Do not wait any longer to know the status of your home or business premises. Having this information can save you a lot of money and headaches. Contact us for spot termite treatment today to make an appointment; a Florida Termite Guys control technician will come to your place to carry out the inspection as soon as possible.

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