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7 Must-Have Features for Your Custom Home Design Plan

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On average people in America will live in 12 different homes during their lifetime. Finding your dream home can take a while and this depends a lot on what you are looking for.

This is why home renovations and custom-builds in America are extremely common. In fact, most people in America will spend more than $8,000 a year on home improvements. Building a custom house allows you to create a space that works for you and minimizes your need to carry out major renovations in the future.

However, it is important to think carefully about your design plan. This will ensure that it includes everything you need and makes the most of the space that you have.

Not sure what to include in your house design plan? Then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out seven must-have features for your new house.

  1. Create Your Own Home Office

In the last few years, more people in America have worked from home than ever before. Because of this, a home office is one of the most coveted design plan features around at the moment.

This is a space where you can focus solely on your projects away from the distractions of day-to-day life. This space will also help you to keep a healthy work-life balance.

A good home office should provide plenty of natural light and storage to keep your work organized. Putting time into creating a stunning room will ensure that you look forward to working in there every single day!

  1. Add a Mudroom to Your Kitchen

Spending time outdoors is great for your physical and mental health. However, you do not want to bring the outdoors in with you.

Adding a small mudroom to your kitchen or at the side of your home will help to protect your house decor. This should provide:

  • A space to store your coats and shoes
  • A place to sit while you take your shoes off when you come in
  • A sink for washing muddy boots or hands
  • A laundry basket for dirty clothes

Your mudroom should feature easy-to-clean flooring and surfaces, so you can tidy it up easily. To make the most of space in your home, you can also combine your mudroom and laundry room.

  1. Put a Bedroom Suite on Your Ground Floor

Bedrooms are traditionally featured on the first floor or above. However, it can be useful to create a working bedroom space on the ground floor as well.

This improves the accessibility of your home, which can be handy as you get older. It will also add value to your home when you come to sell it.

If you want to make the most of your space, you can fashion your ground-floor bedroom as a reading room or library. Installing a fold-down bed and concealed wardrobe will allow you to enjoy the space when no one is using it.

Adding an ensuite to your ground-floor bedroom will help any guest staying in it feel comfortable.

  1. Think About Your Outdoor Space

When building a home, you do not just need to think about the rooms inside it. Outdoor space is a valued feature of any home and you should think carefully about how to use yours when planning your home design.

For example, the angle and positioning of your garden space will affect how much sun it gets throughout the day. So you can tailor this to maximize sun in the areas that you want it.

Installing features such as decking and outdoor kitchens will also be easier while building a home. It is a good idea to think about these before you finalize your building work!

  1. Organize Your Storage 

Well-organized storage is one of the most underrated assets in a home and something that will help to keep yours in order on a daily basis. When you build a house, you have ample opportunities to include this.

Great storage solutions don’t just include built-in cupboards and wardrobes. You might also want to consider putting in:

  • A walk-in wardrobe
  • A pantry room
  • Built-in feature walls with shelving
  • A wine cellar
  • A separate games room for the kids

These create extra space for some of the messiest parts of day-to-day living. So you can keep your home looking stunning every day.

  1. Use Bi-Folding Doors to Maximize Natural Light

Natural light can help your home to feel more open and spacious, so you want to make the most of this. Bi-fold doors in your communal spaces will do just that.

These doors are a great feature in the summertime, especially if you have a deck in your garden. Simply throw the doors open and let the fresh air flow through your home.

  1. Make Your Home a Smart One

There are currently more than 51 million smart homes in America and smart features can make day-to-day living in your home so much easier. They can also save you money on energy bills and improve the security of your home.

When putting together your home designs, you might want to think about installing:

  • Smart thermostat controls
  • Smart lighting
  • A smart security system
  • Distributed audio throughout your home
  • Smart window protection

You can also get a range of plug-in devices to add to your internet of things and complete your smart home automation.

Make These Features Part of Your Design Plan Today

As you can see, when it comes to creating your dream home there are loads of great ways to customize your design plan. These features will be sure to add value to your home and make day-to-day living easier. So what are you waiting for?

For more great home design inspiration, keep scrolling now.

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