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The Different Types of HVAC Systems for Your House

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What do you look for in a new home? You might say something like, “a big yard,” or “a place for a home office.” A good HVAC system might not top your list, but it should!

If you’ve ever spent a summer without air conditioning, you know how important an HVAC system can be. Yet these critical systems are often overlooked.

That might be because many people don’t know what types of HVAC systems are available. Understanding the different types of HVAC systems can come in handy when maintaining your home (or looking for a new one).

Read on for an overview of your HVAC system options.

Heating and Cooling Split Systems

Heating and cooling split systems are some of the most popular and recognizable systems around. The term ‘central air’ often refers to this kind of system. They feature an exterior unit as well as an interior one.

The exterior part of the unit cools air using a coil and compressor, then blows it into your home. The interior unit is often hooked up to a basement furnace; it uses gas to heat air before distributing it.

This is considered one of the best HVAC systems because it’s very versatile and easy to install.

Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system works much like a regular split system but has a major difference: the use of an electric heat pump. The system can switch between electric and gas heating.

A split system is one of the best HVAC systems for home heating as a result. Using a split system is one of many ways to make your HVAC more eco-friendly.

Gas heating tends to be less energy-efficient. With a hybrid system, you can use cheaper electric heating most of the time, only switching to the more powerful gas heating when temperatures drop severely.

Ductless Systems

Both of the previous systems rely on ducts and vents to move hot or cold air throughout a home. In a duct-free system, there are no ducts, but there are more HVAC units.

Also called mini-split systems, these are smaller versions of split systems that are installed in individual rooms. They’re a good choice for home add-ons that don’t already have ducts leading to them.

More units may mean more maintenance. For HVAC maintenance info, find out more here.

Packaged Systems

A packaged heating and air system contains both heating and cooling in one convenient package. These systems tend to be small and compact, and are placed either on a building’s roof or near its foundation.

Packaged systems take up less space than split systems. However, they also feature weaker heating ability on average.

Understanding the Types of HVAC Systems

Once you know the types of HVAC systems available, you can gain a better understanding of how your home works. This helps you make informed decisions about repairs and renovations.

An understanding of home HVAC systems is also a useful tool to have when looking for a new house! Of course, good air conditioning isn’t the only way to stay cool. A pool is another great way to beat the heat. Check out our pool blog for articles on maintenance!

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