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The Benefits of Having A Fire-Rated Door

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Fire often spreads very quickly and, unfortunately, often causes a lot of damage. Moreover, the users of the building are also at risk in the event of a fire. If you want to increase these users’ safety and of the building, fire-rated doors are crucial. Fire doors are also legally required for many buildings. As a result, the choice for a fire-resistant door is fixed for these buildings, but there is still plenty to choose from within the range of fire-resistant doors. To prepare you for this choice, we will answer four critical questions about fire-resistant doors in this blog.

What is the function of fire-resistant doors?

Logically, a fire-resistant door should keep out the fire, but what exactly does that mean? A fire-resistant door has four functions:

  • Control and contain the seat of the fire
  • Slowing down of building collapse in a fire
  • Securing the escape routes

Most of the functions are already addressed in the design phase of a building. For example, the compartmentalisation and escape zone for securing the escape routes are already determined by the architect during the design. He makes the plan for fire safes minnesota and smoke resistance. 

It is essential to take into account the number of square meters of surface and the number of people in the building; this determines the number of minutes that the interior door must be fire-resistant.Choosing a certified company providing fire-rated door in Singapore is therefore critical. 

How is the fire resistance of doors tested?

They are extensively tested to ensure that the doors do what is expected of them in the event of a fire. These tests take place in combination with the frame, the wall, and any glass opening. Not for nothing, because a door expands in the event of a fire, which can change its operation. During testing, the nationally determined points of flame density and heat radiation are central. A special fire report is drawn up, which, in short, consists of a summary of the investigations (SVO). This report is provided to contractors so that it can be handed over to the client and the relevant authorities.

What do I have to take into account when applying fire-rated doors?

Be aware that all accessories and operations that come with a fire-rated door should be tested and certified. For example, it often happens that an entry is fire-resistant, but the frame in which it is placed is not. For the doors, you do not need to install any extra elements in the frame. This is different from other fire-resistant interior doors where fire-resistant strips still have to be placed in the frame. Another point of attention concerns the size of the glass surface. 

Clients are not always aware ofwhether a door has been tested with a specific glass opening or a particular type of hinges and locks. It is possible to perform this test still, but this certification process costs a lot of time and money. It is, therefore, smarter to look for a door set that is already certified.Finally, when installing a fire-resistant door, (there may some exceptions), try to choose a door that is nearest to heavy foot traffic areas. 

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