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Oil vs. Gas Heating: Which Option Is Worth Your Money?

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Do you feel gas heating is the best choice for your home? Or do you believe oil heating is the smarter investment?

Whether you have gas or oil heating, it’s undeniable that heating bills are a large portion of a US consumer’s monthly utility expense. Additionally, heating bills vary widely depending on a variety of factors, such as home size, climate, and the temperature you keep your house at.

When considering oil vs gas heating, which is better, and why? Read on to see some pros and cons every consumer needs to know.

Oil Heating

As you are aware, oil prices are always fluctuating because of the global oil supply and demand and other related factors. Below are several pros and cons of oil heating to consider.


Oil equipment will provide more heat per BTU than gas heating, or any other heating sources.

You can also get your oil furnace easily serviced and maintained by your oil delivery company, saving you the hassle of having to locate a reliable technician.


Oil will need to be stored in a tank and delivered regularly. Not only that, but oil furnaces develop soot and dirt buildup, and the chimneys must be cleaned regularly as a fire safety precaution.

The oil filters need to be replaced frequently as well, so mark your calendar if you have oil heating.

Gas Heating

Natural gas is found abundantly in North America, which makes it easier to source and supply. That’s probably why more homes in the US are heated by natural gas than by oil.


Gas furnaces are much more efficient than oil furnaces, but you need to be in areas where there is a natural gas supply. If not, you’ll need to rely on an alternative fuel source.

With a gas furnace, you will need very little maintenance (no soot or dirt buildup here), and they are much quieter than oil furnaces.


Gas provides less heat per BTU than oil, which is definitely a major disadvantage of gas furnaces. But the many other pros do cancel out this con.

Compare Gas and Oil Heating Costs

When looking at oil vs gas heating cost, oil furnaces are cheaper than gas furnaces. However, oil costs more than gas. Even though your initial purchase of an oil furnace might be cheaper, over time, your costs may add up.

This also depends on your consumption and whether or not you take advantage of automated delivery. If you opt to have your fuel delivered at regular intervals, you can enroll in a monthly budget program, helping to keep your bills consistent all year long.

When deciding between gas or oil heating, always do your due diligence and check out many different suppliers and options. This will aid you in making your decision for or against either heating service.

If you’re in an area that benefits from oil delivery and are searching for a reliable oil delivery service, then check out this service here.

Making the Decision between Oil vs Gas Heating

There are many things to consider when thinking about the oil vs gas heating debate. Some people love gas heating and wouldn’t even consider oil. Other people, however, can’t do without their oil heating.

Whatever your decision, always choose a reputable HVAC contractor to service your furnace and delivery.

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