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Manage Time Better: 5 Ways to Take Back Your Day and Get More Done

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Time is money and people are still wasting plenty of it. In the typical work week, one study showed that the average worker wastes nearly 22 hours.

An even greater number of hours are wasted at home. People are inundated with mundane and unproductive tasks. This is precious time that should be redirected towards your spouse, children, or earning more money.

Read on to learn how to manage time better. Explore 5 tips and tricks for time management that are certain to make you more efficient.

1. Meal Prep

Preparing meals is one area where humans waste considerable time. The tired practice of cooking a meal from scratch each day is obsolete.

Think about how much wasted time is involved with daily meal prep. There are many repeatable tasks such as washing dishes multiple times more than necessary.

Instead, people are shifting to one large meal prep. They cook once or twice per week. Larger portions are purchased and cooked so that the food lasts multiple days.

2. Professional Cleaning Services

Each week, homeowners and rentals spend significant time cleaning. They are spending hours mopping, vacuuming, and dusting their homes. Not only is it time-consuming, but cleaning is also physically demanding.

One significant way to manage your time is by hiring a professional cleaning company. You can request their services on a weekly or monthly basis based on your needs. Companies like Top Mops Cleaning take care of the major cleaning tasks so that you do not have to.

3. Remote Working

For many people, their daily commute is one of the biggest time wasters. They spend an hour or two driving back and forth from their home to work.

Consider asking your boss if remote working is a possibility. Even one or two days per week will free up considerable time.

In 2021, roughly 45% of the American population worked from home either full or part-time. Think about the productivity gains you will make from eliminating time-wasters like commute, office chit-chat, and getting ready each day.

4. Use Technology

There are great time management tools available on your mobile device. These scheduling apps allow you to break out your day and remain efficient.

Task reminders keep you on track throughout the day. It allows you to remain focused and make small achievements along the way. You can use alarms as reminders to reduce the risk of forgetting an important task.

5. Eliminate Time Wasters

One important step is to review your typical day and eliminate time wasters. These are tasks in your day that eat up precious time and serve little benefit.

Perhaps you wait in a 15-minute line each morning at Starbucks. Some people spend multiple hours per day on social media. Carefully looking at your schedule and optimizing it to remove waste is one of the most impactful things you can do.

Now You Know How to Manage Time Better

You are now on the path to managing your time more efficiently. Eliminating time wasters and installing time management tools on your phone go a long way. Meal prep and hiring a professional cleaning company are also helpful.

If you enjoyed this article about how to manage time better, check out our blog for more great content.

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