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Kitchen renovation at affordable prices: is it possible?

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The renovation of the kitchen is never a simple intervention. We must try to combine aesthetics and practicality without breaking the budget. On our guide you will find out how much it costs to renovate the kitchen, but you will also find many ideas to define the right project and you will identify the hottest trends of the moment.

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The kitchen renovation: phases and timing

The kitchen is the most lived-in environment in the whole house and, to meet the needs of the family, it must be conceived in a practical and functional way. At the same time it is important to choose quality materials that, if well installed, can last as long as possible. All without sacrificing design. To discourage those who intend to take this important step are often two aspects: the duration of the work and the costs.

The duration of the works

Often we think of the kitchen only in terms of furniture or painting but the biggest expense concerns the possible need to redo floors and walls. Before installing the new kitchen, it is also necessary to check that the electrical and hydraulic systems work perfectly and comply with the law. It should also be taken into account that the removal of existing furniture and tiles has an additional cost that is far from negligible. If one realizes that the environment requires a restyling of the systems and that even the coatings are inadequate, he can think of a redesign of the spaces, opting for an open space solution.

A valid alternative is to move the sink area and the hob, with a view to better livability and lighting of the environment. As for the floors, a chapter that is generally quite important in the overall budget. It is worth at least taking into consideration the option of covering the existing tiles. Having to intervene in a radical way, you could also take a look at the masonry kitchens, a great classic that guarantees an almost eternal duration without necessarily having to give up aesthetics.

Refurbish the kitchen furniture

In the case of solid wood kitchens, made to measure when the furniture was still manufactured with quality materials, many consider renovating an old kitchen rather than dismantling everything. In this case, the solutions are many and interesting but they are certainly not cheap. Restoring old furniture to its former glory can be more expensive than buying from scratch without considering that you will find yourself faced with the possibility of having to replace appliances. In short, the renovation of the kitchen is a rather complex intervention.


There is a difference between a small kitchen and a very small kitchen but, with the right distribution of wall units and appliances, a small space is not necessarily the enemy of practicality. If the square meters of the house do not play with the kitchen, the most obvious solution is to tear down a wall and transform a small kitchen and a small living room into a large open space. With a good distribution of the wall units, even a mini-size environment can be practical and functional.

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