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Keep Your Place Like New With This Home Maintenance List

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Did you know that wind and hail are the top causes of property damage each year? Whether your roof needs repair or your siding is old, a home maintenance list could help.

Don’t let preventable accidents become a reality. Check out this home maintenance list and ensure that your home is prepared and ready for storms ahead.


You might want to consider rain gutter repair and rake up any remaining leaves. Also, lay mulch down since it’ll prevent weeds from growing.

Consider hiring an arborist to check on your trees. They can find any problems that could kill or damage them.

Use sod or plant seeds to avoid bald spots on your lawn. Fertilize the lawn in the late spring.

Store your snow blower and other winter items. Check your lawn mower and see if it’s good for the year ahead. Complete a tune-up annually for your lawn mower.

On dry day, you should consider washing your home’s windows. Unless your windows are particularly dirty, you probably won’t need a power washer.

Check your patio or deck for loose nails or cracked wood. Pull out debris or leaves from the boards.

Have your HVAC system checked by a technician. They’ll service, clean, and check for damage. Be sure to clean vents and ducts.

For home upkeep, check your chimneys, plumbing, and more. Ensure that there’s no leaking under the sinks.

Check the flapper in the toilet’s tank and faucets for drips, and call a plumber if necessary.


Trim and prune trees. Fertilize the lawn as necessary.

Reduce water use by installing a water meter. Clean the downspouts and gutters. Clean the kitchen hood and check the dishwasher for damage.


Have your heating system checked by a technician. Have them come in the early fall or late summer.

Keep the fireplace clean and check for any hazards. Have a professional check the fireplace for any concerns. Consider changing out windows with energy-efficient options.

Rake leaves and inspect your roof. You might want to hire a contractor to check it.

Replace or repair siding. Clean the carpets. Tune-up appliances.


Check the attic and basement for leaks. Place a cover over the AC unit.

Sweep freezer and refrigerator coils. Check roofs, downspouts, and gutters.

Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist 

Check the temperature-relief valve and water-softener filters. Clean drains.

Check the steam gauge and system safety valve. Check AC filters and furnaces.

Deep clean floors and grout. Wash the dryer’s lint screen. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Exploring a Home Maintenance List

After exploring this home maintenance list, you should have a better idea of keeping your home in tip-top shape with the help of people who’ve done Maintenance Technician Jobs atlanta ga. Take your time deciding what you need to do in the coming months and make your own list!

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