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Interior Design Trend Watch: Oriental Accents

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Are you looking to switch up your interior design?

There have been plenty of rising and falling interior design trends in 2021. However, nothing quite compares to Asian zen interior design. If you love Eastern cultures from Japan, Vietnam, and China, you may like Asian interior design.

Western cultures continue to pick up Feng Shui. This is a Chinese guide to balancing energies with objects. Even if you’re not an avid believer of Feng Shui, there’s no denying the beauty of Asian design.

Want to incorporate modern Asian interior design into your home? We got you. Here are some tips for mastering oriental design.

Visuals and Texture

A crucial aspect and key feature of Asian interior design is balance. You must achieve balance in not only colors but also with textures. Most western design homes consist of pure drywall or concrete.

If you want to push for an oriental feel, consider incorporating more textures. You can add natural stone decorations or opt for wooden floors. Glass partitions and bamboo window blinds are also popular options.

The key to achieving visual and textural balance is adding organic textures. Don’t be afraid to look into rattan and other wooden accents.


Asian influence decoration often relies on nature-inspired colors. Many Asian homes incorporate landscapes and other natural colors to complete the interior. When renovating your home, consider sticking to a neutral background.

This doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to white. You may opt for cream tones, gray, or even light blues or greens. If you want a more edgy feel to your interior, consider dark oak brown.

While keeping your backdrop as neutral as possible, try adding extravagant colors. Asian designs often incorporate vibrant accents to help a piece stand out. Bright red, copper orange, and even cherry blossom pink are great options.

Water Features

Did you know that keeping fish as pets can reduce stress and lower blood pressure? If you’re fond of fish, a water feature is a must. Consider adding an interior koi pond with koi of various colors.

In Asian cultures, each koi fish color has a different meaning. If you’re not keen on keeping fish, don’t worry! Consider adding a reflecting pool or installing sculptures to achieve your water feature.

Lighting and Lanterns

Effective lighting in Asian interior design should accentuate your theme. You can do this with sculpted lighting installations and even paper lanterns. If you want to add more accent lighting, you can add a few candles.

Lighting in Asian design is often moody but elegant. Consider adding floor lamps along your hallway or in dark corners to lighten up the place. Check out these torchiere style lamps.

Master Asian Interior Design With These Tips

Now you know how to incorporate Asian interior design into your home. Here are some great pointers, from proper lighting and colors to sustainable accents. Use this guide to achieve the home of your dreams today. Looking for more interior design tips? Why stop here? For more interior design guides, check out our other blog posts.

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