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Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities like taking on DIY projects to maintain or even increase your home’s value. One easy project to give your home the modern lift is to install drop ceiling tiles. 

When the appropriate materials, colors, and style are used, you end up with a room accompanied by a jaw-dropping dramatic effect. Keep reading to discover how you can give your home a modern update by using drop ceiling tiles. 

Selecting the Right Materials

One of the first decisions you have to make when upgrading to modern ceiling tiles is to choose the type of material you want. The most common types are:

  • Faux tin
  • Styrofoam
  • PVC

Styrofoam decorative ceiling tiles are perfect for those that want something lightweight, easy to install and a material that can be painted to their preferences. Although it’s an ideal choice, styrofoam comes with some problems that may make the other options much more viable for many households. 

A faux tin drop ceiling tile comes with the benefit of also being extremely lightweight, like styrofoam, but is almost half the cost of real tin. PVC tiles are replicas of more expensive options, like tin, and are the heaviest of the three options. 

However, whatever material you choose is up to your budget and personal preference. Some might not worry about the health risks of styrofoam and opt for that because it’s the cheapest and can be painted to look much more expensive. On the other hand, others might go with the heavier PVC option because of their intricate designs. 

Colors and Style

Unless you go with styrofoam, you will need to select the right color before finalizing your purchase. That means you must understand how the color of modern drop ceiling tiles will affect how the room is viewed. 

For example, lighter colors create the impression of a larger space, while darker colors can make the room look and feel much smaller. Additionally, using more rustic or antique colors can give your room a country feel, while shades like beige, pearl and off-white can feel much more modern. 

Every drop ceiling tile company, like brutalceilings.com, creates tiles with a specific theme in mind. The best way to make your ceiling have the most impact is to ensure it matches the room’s overall theme. 

The Right Installation Method

You may have chosen the perfect style, color and material, but if you choose the wrong installation method, it can quickly turn your modern look into something to be desired.

The two available installation methods are either a drop-in or glue-up. If you go with the drop-in method, you will have to account for light fixtures and ensure they’re properly secured and not held up by PVC tiles. Although self-supporting tiles are strong, they’re not designed to hold PVC weight.

If you have a low ceiling, going with the glue-up method may be more beneficial. This method is best if you want to maximize your space and not make the room feel small.

Modernizing With Drop Ceiling Tiles

Drop ceiling tiles are a great addition to any home to give the perfect modern look. They not only help reduce energy bills by slightly lowering your ceilings but also create a jaw-dropping dramatic effect. 

Drop ceiling tiles are a perfect addition to any part of your home but work especially well in the middle of living rooms, above kitchen islands and rooms with concealed lighting. 

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