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  How to Keep Your House Clean: A Guide for Busy Parents

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Americans spend an average of 6 hours cleaning every week. When you’re a busy parent, it can feel like you’re spending every spare minute cleaning. Just when you think you’re done, there’s a new mess waiting.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your house clean as a busy parent with these house cleaning tips.

Clean as You Go

Get in the habit of putting things back in their place as soon as you get done using them. When you’re cooking, put spices back where they belong and add dishes to the dishwasher as you finish using them. If you get out school supplies for a homework project, pick it all up when you’re done.

It only takes a few seconds to put things away when you finish using them. Yet it makes a big difference in keeping your house clean. It prevents lots of clutter from building up that takes a lot longer to clean.

Get Into a Routine

When figuring out how to have a clean home when your busy, focus on getting into a cleaning routine. It doesn’t have to be a strict schedule, but little routines make cleaning your house become second nature.

You might throw a load of laundry into the washer in the morning, switch it to the dryer after work, and fold it before bed. Doing one load of laundry each day with this daily routine keeps laundry from becoming overwhelming.

Another strategy is to assign different cleaning tasks to each day. You might scrub toilets on Mondays, steam mop floors on Tuesdays, dust on Wednesdays, etc.

Clean Throughout the Week

Give yourself some time each day to clean up instead of waiting to do a massive cleaning session on one day. You might start with a major cleanup to get the mess under control. Then, give yourself 20 to 30 minutes every day to pick up and clean.

Shorter sessions don’t seem as grueling, but you can get a lot of cleaning tasks done in that short time. It keeps clutter under control and keeps you from spending hours on the weekends cleaning.

Get Everyone Involved

Don’t serve as your family’s maid without them helping. Everyone can help pick up, even toddlers and preschoolers.

An easy way to get everyone involved is to have a nightly cleaning session right after dinner. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes. Everyone does cleaning chores until the timer rings.

With everyone helping, you can get a lot more things done in a short amount of time. Your kids learn how to contribute to the household and take responsibility for their own messes. You don’t feel so alone with your broom and duster.

Use Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning your house can can seem overwhelming if you’re in a busy season of parenthood. Hiring cleaning services for your home gives you a break and gives you confidence that your home is cleaned well.

Residential cleaning services are versatile, allowing you to choose how often you want them to visit and what you want them to clean. That leaves a lighter cleaning load for you during the rest of the week.

Learn How to Keep Your House Clean Easily

Knowing how to keep your house clean can reduce your stress. It also makes your home look better and stay safer with fewer germs.

Visit our home archives for more ways to keep your home beautiful.


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