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How to Get Green Grass: 4 Easy Tips

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Having a lawn is beneficial for your home and your health. A lush, green lawn has mental and physical health benefits, ranging from stress reduction, protection from heat and radiation, fewer bug bites, and a more attractive exterior for your home, helping it to sell faster if you’re relocating.

If you have a lawn that’s browner than you’d like, you’re not alone. With unprecedented dry weather, so many homeowners are wondering how to get green grass, hoping to make their yard beautiful again.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can improve the appearance of your lawn and add healthy, green grass. Here are four ways to add lush, green grass to any lawn in need of a makeover.

  1. Prepare Your Seed and Soil Properly

The most important tip for getting green grass is to start with high-quality seeds. The type of seed you choose will be determined by your climate, soil type, and desired lawn appearance.

Once you have chosen the right seed, make sure to properly prepare your soil before planting. Make sure you have quality soil that can hold nutrients and moisture.

Test your soil regularly and amend it as needed. A healthy lawn needs well-aerated, nutrient-rich soil. You can test your soil yourself with a simple soil test kit, or take a sample to your local cooperative extension office.

Aerate your lawn once a year. Aeration helps promote that deep root growth we’re after. It also reduces compaction and thatch build-up, both of which can contribute to an unhealthy lawn.

  1. Mow It Regularly

A green lawn is the result of good landscaping practices. Once your grass is established, be sure to mow it regularly and at the proper height. Regularly mowing will encourage the grass to grow thick and strong.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you are mowing your lawn at the correct height. Different types of grass have different recommended mowing heights.

The general rule of thumb is to never remove more than one-third of the grass blades. A shorter lawn is more susceptible to weeds and disease.

  1. Water Them Deeply

One of the main reasons lawns turn brown is because of improper watering. An unwritten rule of home landscaping is to water your lawn in the morning so the grass has time to dry off before the heat of the day sets in, evaporating most of the moisture.

Also, be sure to water your grass deeply and regularly. Deep watering encourages deep root growth, which makes for a stronger, healthier, beautiful lawn. A deep root system is a key to a green and healthy lawn.

  1. Give Them Nourishment

A well-fed lawn is a green lawn. A fertilizer ensures that your grass has the nutrients it needs to stay green and healthy.

Be sure to choose a fertilizer that’s appropriate for your type of grass and apply the fertilizer evenly to help your grass to grow thick and green.

Learn How to Get Green Grass to Get the Perfect Lawn

It’s easy to have green, healthy grass with just a little effort. By following these four tips, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn all season long. Watering, mowing, and fertilizing regularly are the key to success.

Knowing how to get green grass will give you a luscious perfect lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood.

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