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How Often Should You Clean a Septic Tank?

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One responsibility that comes with owning a home is knowing how to take care of your septic tank. The septic system is tucked away from sight and out of mind, but it’s an integral part of any home plumbing system.

Cleaning a septic system isn’t a job you want to skimp out on. Doing so can increase the likelihood of it failing.

Keep reading to find out how often you should clean your tank and what steps you should follow.

How Often Should Septic Tank Cleaning Be in General?

It is recommended that septic tank cleaning be done every 3-5 years to keep the system functioning properly. If the tank is not cleaned regularly, solids can build up and clog the system, causing it to fail. Failure of a septic system can result in environmental pollution and costly repairs.

What Factors Affect the Frequency of Septic Tank Maintenance?

Many factors affect the frequency of septic tank maintenance. The number of people, the presence of garbage disposal, the number of rooms/units, toilets using biodegradable toiletries, and the size of the septic tank all play a role in how often the tank needs to be emptied.

Number of People

In determining the frequency of septic tank maintenance, the number of people in the household is a key factor. A small household of one or two people will not produce as much waste as a larger household of four or more people. On the other hand, a larger household will produce more waste and will require more frequent septic tank maintenance or new septic system installation canyon lake tx.

Presence of Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals can add a lot of solids to the septic tank, and if they’re not maintained properly, they can cause the tank to fill up more quickly. This means that it will need to be pumped more often, and that can be expensive.

If you have a garbage disposal, make sure you’re including it in your septic tank maintenance schedule. Find here to book septic tank cleaning services.

Number of Rooms/Units

A house with more rooms or units will usually need to have the septic tank pumped out more often than a house with fewer rooms or units. This is because more people in the house means more water going into the septic tank, and more water in the septic tank means that it will need to be pumped out more often.

If Toilets Use Biodegradable Toiletries

If biodegradable toiletries are used, the frequency of septic tank maintenance will be less than if non-biodegradable toiletries are used. This is because biodegradable toiletries break down more quickly and do not clog pipes or septic tanks as easily as non-biodegradable toiletries.

The Size of the Septic Tank

A smaller septic tank will need to be emptied more often than a larger septic tank. This is because a smaller septic tank will fill up more quickly than a larger septic tank.

Another factor that affects the frequency of septic tank maintenance is the level of use of the septic tank. A septic tank that is used more often will need to be emptied more often than a septic tank that is used less often. For more details, check out septic business Cumberland, RI.

Septic Tank Maintenance is Very Important

To ensure your septic tank works properly, you must maintain it regularly. This includes cleaning it out every few years and having it pumped when necessary. Failure to do so can lead to serious problems, including clogging, overflows, and sewage backups.

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