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5 Signs You Need New Windows

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Windows are the epitome of aesthetic, practical, perfection. They serve the right purpose for curb appeal, insulation and of course, keeping out the harsh weather conditions. Like all parts of the house, they are susceptible to damage and defect, some of which may create a need for new windows. 

If you have the financial strength for it, you can change the windows when redecorating or renovating the house. However, if you are more budget-abiding, you may be waiting for your windows to shatter before thinking about window replacement –Don’t. Here are five telling signs that you need new windows. 

  • Weakened caulk 

When the caulk or sealant for the window gets weakened, or completely fades, it may be time to change the window as there won’t be any sturdiness to the frame. Also, it may be a channel for pests to begin infestation in the house. While there is the option for reapplying sealant, you can just get a new window set and do a total overhaul.

  • Humidity on the inner glass

Seeing moisture on the outer part of the window is normal, mostly, but on the inside, in an area of the house where there shouldn’t be water, is an obvious sign of a defect. This could be increased conductivity in the window’s temperature feature, a crack or simply a plumbing issue. In any case, it is definitely a sign to change your windows. 

  • Wet patches along the frame

If there are patches on the wall beside the window frame, that means the frame has become loosened or there is a plumbing problem. In both cases, it affects the window’s durability and as a result, becomes a demand for a new window to be installed. These patches may spread and eventually wear down the window or develop cracks in the wall, both of which are situations to be avoided, as best as possible. 

  • Cracks on the glass

It really doesn’t matter if it’s just one line or series as long as the length of the window, if there is a crack in the window’s glass, it will continue and eventually shatter. The best thing you can do is change the window immediately you notice a crack, inspect all other windows and be sure if you will need a complete overhaul.

  • Age

Last, and ironically not the least, the age of your windows should be enough reason to replace them. If you aren’t sure about how many years your windows should be up for, you can consult a professional. Regardless, you are bound to know when a window has been around for long enough –get a replacement!

You shouldn’t wait till the windows fall off their hinges before replacing them. Soon as you spot any of these signs, take that as a directive to replace your window set with a durable option such as aluminium windows.

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