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Creating Your Oasis: Florida Landscaping Ideas That Wow

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If you live in Florida and you’re passionate about plants and the outdoors, you’re in luck. The state climate ranges from sub-tropical to tropical, depending on where you’re located, and that means year-round outside time!

Are you looking for Florida landscaping ideas to revamp your existing yard? Perhaps you’re working on the landscaping for a new build. Read on for trending Florida backyard landscape ideas.

The Low-Maintenance Garden

If you love the look of a garden but hate the work, this type of landscaping is for you! The intense heat and humidity of the Florida summer can also turn gardening into a chore instead of a passionate pastime.

Focus on slow-growing, evergreen trees and shrubs to keep trimming minimal. Cacti and succulents are also good since they don’t require daily watering. Add mulch or gravel to your garden beds to keep weeds down and path or concrete your pathways. You can also find companies for mulch delivery st. charles mo to maintain your plants and lawns.

If you’re not sure which plants are low-maintenance in your area, connect with the best landscaping company in Florida to ask.

The Formal Garden

If you love minimalist design or live in a period home, a traditional, formal garden might appeal to you. This type of garden focuses on heavily manicured shrubs and lots of pathways, well-defined beds, and retaining walls. You’ll want to include attractive focal points like fountains, large trees, or an arbor.

If you’re fixed on building a formal garden, you’ll need help from the professionals, at least in the planning stages. Search for “landscape and design near me” and narrow your options based on reviews.

The Small Garden

Maybe you live in a condo and only have a balcony to work with. Or perhaps your newly built urban townhouse only has a teeny backyard. Don’t worry; outdoor living is still within your grasp.

Focus on jam-packed flower beds, container gardening concepts, and paved areas (skip the lawn). And make sure there’s a place to sit—even if it’s just a single comfy chair.

Working with a landscaping company in Florida is a good idea when you’re dealing with a compact yard. They have the professional know-how to help you maximize your space and squeeze as much in as possible.

The Full-of-Color Garden

When it comes to landscape design, few gardens are more whimsical than a flower-focused garden.

Flowering annuals and perennials:

  • Add bursts of color
  • Attract pollinators
  • Provide variety
  • Have culinary uses (in some cases)

If you’re not keen on flowers, tropical Florida is the perfect spot to focus on colorful rainforest understory plants. They boast leaves in all the colors of the rainbow!

The Palm Garden

It wouldn’t be a Florida garden without a few palms! And the curb appeal they give a property is undeniable.

Did you know there are over 2,500 species of palm? Of course, not all varieties will be suitable for your yard, but since they’re tropical plants, many will be.

If you want to create palm-focused landscaping, choose plants in various sizes and frond colors. Keep in mind that palms grow slowly, and large, well-developed plants are expensive.

Florida Landscaping Ideas for Outdoor Folks

You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to Florida landscaping ideas. As such, you need to consider all the options available to you carefully. To avoid wasting your savings, work with a landscaping company in Florida to design a plan before heading out to purchase supplies and plants.

For more top tips for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts in Florida, browse the other articles on our blog.

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