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Common Problems With Home AC Units (and Their Solutions)

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Did you know that Americans spend around $29 billion annually on costs related to energy use and air conditioners? When you’re spending that kind of money to keep your home cool, you want your AC unit to function efficiently. That’s why it’s critical to be vigilant so you can diagnose AC problems.

Read on to learn about common problems with home AC units!

Your AC Won’t Turn On

When the weather gets dangerously hot, there’s nothing worse than an unreliable AC unit. If your unit won’t even turn on, don’t panic. The solution to this common AC problem may be as simple as addressing your thermostat.

Try turning your thermostat on and off. If it’s not triggering your AC unit, you may need new batteries. And if batteries don’t produce a solution, you may need to upgrade to a new thermostat.

The Unit Produces Hot Air

One of the more common AC problems is a lack of cool air. A unit that blows hot air may have an old and dirty filter. This issue can lead to a frozen condenser unit that won’t produce cool air.

The solution usually is simple. Just replace your unit’s filter each month to ensure that the air can pass through it.

Unusual Smells and Noises

Bad smells can indicate common AC issues, too. You may have poor ventilation in your home, for example. Alternatively, clogged drain lines can lead to mildew and produce a musty smell that can be fixed with routine maintenance.

But if you smell sewage, that can suggest a bigger issue connected to your sewage line. Call the professionals immediately!

Listen for signs of AC issues, too. A refrigerant leak is among several AC issues that can create unusual noises. Or you may have a lot of moisture trapped in the AC unit.

Does the noise sound like something is grinding? That may be attributed to a motor issue or blower fan problem. Since these fixes can be intricate, you should reach out to an HVAC technician.

Your AC Unit Is Leaking

An AC leaking inside is another common AC problem. You may see stains on your wall or notice leaks near the unit.

You may have a refrigerant leak, for example, which diminishes the unit’s cooling power. Or it could be a condensate drain leak on account of fungi in the system. Worse yet, you may have a broken condensate pump that needs to be replaced.

Your best bet is to hire a technician to diagnose this issue and repair it. If the problem is connected to your drain pipe, tracking it may be tricky!

Fix Common Problems with Home AC Units

When it comes to common problems with home AC units, the good news is that many are fixable. Replacing a thermostat and changing a filter are solutions you may be able to complete yourself. For leaks and unusual noises, you should consult with a certified HVAC technician.

Find more suggestions to keep your home in good shape. Check back soon for new articles!

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