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Can The Different Blade Finishes Affect Function Of Ceiling Fan For Bedrooms?

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Certainly, the ceiling fan blade finishes depend on the bedroom size and the budget that you have in mind. These do affect the function of the fan. We have discussed the different materials of fan blades and the specific advantage that it offers:

  • MDF:

When it comes to blades of ceiling fan for bedrooms MDF is a great choice. This is short for medium density fiberboard. This is made with sawdust and some other wood remnants are compressed with some kind of hardening material. The for the blade protection a laminate is used to cover it and that is what that offers the final look. This kind of blade is affordable and mostly used in fans that are economical in prices. These cannot be used outside the house as it will start drooping quickly with added moisture. But they are good to be used for indoors like bedrooms and work perfectly. 

  • Plastic:

Most of the manufacturers do use ABD plastic for the ceiling fans today as these are inexpensive material. The best part about plastic is that molding in any shape is easy and you can even give it the look of real wood if needed. This also works for using it outside but can be used for bedrooms as well. 

  • Wood:

For bedroom and indoor applications, this is the best choice. The processing and sourcing wood certainly requires a lot more cost and effort when compared with other materials on the list. Therefore having a ceiling fan for bedrooms is mostly an option for people that are looking for a premium look. Most of the time these blades are made of balsa that is lightweight and works well and carving is easier. When compared to flat blades these have a thicker profile.

  • Metal:

The metal fans are great for large bedroom spaces. This makes sure that the fan is placed at a height above the ground. Find more here about the options you have. For the most part, these have to hang at a height of more than 10′. If you are looking for an option for the open spaces, this works great as well. This is also a nice choice for small ceilings and portable fans. For making sure these are safe for usage, there is always a protective cage that you can see on top of it. 


Hopefully, this information will be of immense help to select the right option. 


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