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Benefits of Hiring A Professional Carpet Fitter

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Carpets are ideal for homes where there are young children or older people; or if the climate is cooler in winter. After all, they keep the heat in; and as everyone wants to have a home that is warm and comfortable to be in, it is always best to choose a carpet that will stand the test of time and be hardy. But once you have found your dream carpet, you are faced with the next issue: who is going to fit it?

You could fit it yourself, but most people find this to be a hassle, and without the proper training, you could damage the floor, the carpet, and even the walls! So, it is best to hire a carpet fitter to save you from this headache. 

You might be wondering: is it worth paying that extra bit of money for a carpet to be fitted? Yes, it is, and here are five top reasons why.

Perfect Measurements

So, you’ve got a measuring tape, and you know how to count. That’s all that should matter when fitting a carpet, right? No! 

Dulwich carpets need to be fitted right to the edge of the wall, and if you have a room with a built-in fireplace or radiators, it is going to be tricky to get the carpet fitted correctly. Therefore, a huge advantage of hiring a professional carpet fitter is that they will take the perfect measurements of the room, and then they will cut the carpet to fit without any gaps or overlay.

Proper Equipment

Almost everyone will have, at some point, seen a carpet that is being held down with nails. This is not safe, and it’s certainly not ideal, especially if you have children!

A professional carpet fitter will be able to fit the carpet and ensure that it stays in place, using the appropriate equipment for the underlay and the type of carpet that is being fitted. So, there won’t be any protruding nails, and there won’t be any fraying as a result of incorrect equipment being used.

Increases Lifespan Of The Carpet

As briefly mentioned before, you don’t want your brand-new carpet showing signs of age before its time. And if you see fitting a carpet as a DIY challenge, chances are you may use the incorrect equipment, which can cause damage and premature aging. 

Having a carpet fitted by a professional will ensure that the carpets last a long time, as they will be installed correctly and use the correct tools.


When you are looking to add value to your home, having a carpet installed is a great way to do so. But if you install it yourself, you run the risk of damaging both it and the property. Not a great way to add value!

Having a carpet installed by a professional comes with a warranty, so if there is an issue with the fitting or the carpet, you will be able to have it replaced or repaired without spending a penny.

It Looks Better

Most people, even those who are not trained in interior design, can spot the difference between a professionally fitted carpet and one that was a DIY job; and, suffice to say, professional fitting looks better than most DIY fittings, giving your home a touch of class that you can take pride in.

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