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A Look at the Most Common Structural Problems Facing Homeowners Today

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Did you know that most types of concrete foundation virginia beach va can last for at least 100 years? Framing and structural systems made of concrete, steel, or timber can also last for at least a century!

However, residential structural problems are still common despite material longevity. The type of soil the home sits on, weather, pests, and lack of maintenance can rise to these issues.

For those reasons, it’s vital to learn more about the structural woes faced by homeowners. This guide covers the most common ones, so be sure to read on.

Foundation Cracks Due To Expansive Soils

An estimated one in four US homes has some level of expansive soil-induced damage. Such damage usually occurs in the form of foundation cracks.

Expansive soils cause foundation issues as they expand when wet and shrink once dry. These changes create inconsistencies in their size, then causing the ground to move. As the ground moves, so does a home’s foundation.

All that movement places more force, pressure, and stress on the foundation. At the same time, the foundation loses some of the support it gets from the changing soil structure. This combination leads to the development of foundation cracks.

Sometimes, adding drainages to redirect water away from the soil can be enough. Replacing the soil surrounding your home with lime or other solutions can also help.

Buckling or Sloping Floors

Over time, soil expansion, shrinkage, and movement can cause floors to buckle or slope. Moisture, wood rot, and termites can also cause buckling or sloping in floors.

Buckling usually affects wood floors, causing panels to detach and become raised. Sloping can affect any floor and make them uneven.

Fixing these home foundation problems starts with removing the root cause. For example, you need to get defective plumbing repaired or replaced to address leaks. If the cause is wood rot or termites, then you need to get pest control.

From there, you may need beam replacement or floor joist repairs. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may also have to add or install new beams and floor supports.

Windows and Doors That Stick

Sticking doors and windows are also common structural issues often caused by moisture. The excess dampness can come from many sources, such as heavy rains and plumbing leaks. From there, the moisture can seep into door and window frames, causing them to compress or expand.

Compression and expansion affect the structure of the frames, making them tighter. This is how moisture can make doors and windows stick and hard to close or open.

As with floor woes, moisture control is usually the first step to fix sticking doors and windows. From there, you may either have to get the frames repaired or replaced.

Crumbling Foundation Due to Pyrrhotite in the Foundation

In Connecticut alone, a study found at least 1,600 homes to have pyrrhotite in their foundation. Pyrrhotite causes foundations to crumble as it expands under oxygen and water exposure. It causes significant damage and decreases property values by at least 25%.

Since Pyrrhotite can be in the foundation itself, remediation usually involves foundation replacement.

Structural Problems in Homes Warrant Immediate Repairs

Regardless of the structural problems you may find in your home, you need to get them fixed ASAP. That’s because most of these issues worsen over time. Addressing them early on can lower repair costs and lengthen your home’s lifespan. Ready for more smart homeowner guides like this? Then feel free to browse our other useful homeownership and home improvement articles!

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