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9 Effortless Tips for the Modern House Makeover

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9 Effortless Tips for the Modern House Makeover


Your house is a reflection of your self-image, so you often portray your identity by the way you build and decorate your house. If you are fond of contemporary, you will want to have modern décor in the house to display chicness and a feel that you are up-to-date. The new “modern” décor is about simplicity, nude and light colors, and simplistic designs. The new modern is opposite to the old designs mired with dark and dull colors and often felt like a clutter of many objects and details. Nowadays, making your house modern is all about taking the unnecessary stuff out and making it brighter and airy with light combinations and less intricate furniture.

If you want to make your house modern, be sustainable because eco-friendly is the new modern now. Revise the energy plan powering your house. If you are getting the power from the nearby grid, the chances are that the electricity you are using is produced in coal-fired plants, which is an absolute no for a modern house. Turn to solar panels, which are eco-friendly and contemporary too. Solar panels only use a clear source of water and the sun’s energy to produce light. The electricity also charges the batteries that you can use at night. If you want to know how much are solar panels costing these days, you can search their installation cost online. That said, here are some other ways to effortlessly give your house a modern makeover.

  • Use Light Colors

If you want to make your living space more modern, change the paint of your home and replace it with lighter shades. The off-whites, whites, and other nudes are most in trend these days. If you have dull and dark-colored walls, they will not make your house look open and spacious. Instead, you might feel the walls closing on you, which is not a good feeling. Light colors also spread the natural light most efficiently.

  • Resort To Open Living Plan

The modern houses have fewer walls, partitions and have an open living plan. If you are okay with renovating your house in the process of giving a makeover, you can drop some walls. Go for an open kitchen instead of one with four walls and a door. An open living plan gives your house a spacious look. Similarly, the new kitchens extend to the living room as well. Therefore they look more expansive.

  • Use Glass Windows

The use of glass instead of metal windows makes them look trendier. The natural light can come through these glass windows and making your space contemporary. The natural light also makes your house look more spacious and open to the eyes of the onlookers. They look great wherever you install them. They look great even inside your bathroom near the bathtub.

  • Buy Furniture That Reflects Your Taste

Sometimes you buy the stuff that only fulfills the need. So there are high chances that you will get bored with it in no time. So, why not spend on something that speaks to you and reflects your style? This way you will like to spend time with the things you have bought. Matching furniture and accessories with your taste will elevate your mood too. The items you buy should be a combination of your taste and actual functionality in the house.

  • Minimalism Is The Key

The mantra for giving an up-to-date makeover to your house is keeping it minimal. The rule should be “less is more.” Instead of having a pile-up of loads of cushions on your bed, suffice with a couple of them. Similarly, go for metal chairs and a table with a glass top. Pair the furniture with a sweet and small bedside lamp to give a light gold hue to the room.  If you are going for printed sofa covers, go for less cluttered linear designs, zebra lines or polka dots might be among the best options to consider.

  • Use Sliding Doors In The House

If you have limited space for the built structure, you need to think about ways to use the space to include all the necessary details prudently. If you want to create partitions, let’s say between the bedroom and kid’s room, use sliding doors instead of the standard door designs. The sliding doors look elegant; they save the space that other doors often block. You can either use solid wood sliding doors or make them with glass.

  • Add Color Here And There

The idea of the modern house is to be simple in designs and colors. But don’t make it limit your creativity and ability to play with colors. You can add colors here and there in such a way that they enhance the look of your house instead of giving it a cluttered and confused look. If you are using light color furniture drapes, pair them with brightly colored cushions or make a combination of solid colors with stripes and dots.

  • Add Art To The Walls

Another way to efficiently give a makeover to your house is by adding art pieces to the walls. The best choice is abstract and modern art. These art pieces make your home look chic and elegant. You can look for art pieces online or stop by any thrift store in your locality. In these stores, you often get your hands on treasured items and that too at a reasonable price.

  • Change The Color Of The Floor

If you are in for spending some money to give your house a new look, consider changing the floor as well. If your home was built a while ago, you might have a dark-colored and dreary mosaic floor, which is not contemporary at all.  Instead of it, you can go for tiles or light-colored marble.

The simplicity of the house and sustainable and eco-friendly power options require a prudent approach to making changes in your living space. Most often, you can give a changed look to your house by making small changes, for instance, adding art pieces to the walls and changing the lighting in the house. You can use the tips mentioned above to make smart and effortless changes in giving a modern makeover to your home.

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