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4 Helpful Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter in Your House

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Does your home resemble a scene from the TV show “Hoarders?”

If so, it’s time to cut the clutter. But don’t feel bad. One in four Americans has a problem getting rid of clutter.

In case you want to see more than a few square inches of your floor again, here are some foolproof strategies on tidying up your cluttered house once and for all.

1. Cleaning Room By Room

Does cleaning overwhelm you?

If you manage to keep dirt at bay but clutter removal is your nemesis, Stop cleaning, take a deep breath, and plan.

The strategy is simple: Instead of marathon cleaning sessions, tidy one room at a time. Give each room individual attention with breaks in between.

It’s fine to declutter one room a day if that’s all you can handle. This approach, known as a modified 20/10 method, will help you make progress and keep a clean home for longer.

2. Selling Valuable Junk

Do you need some extra cash?

A study reveals that Americans have so much excess stuff, it’s throwing them into chronic poverty.

If your clutter makes you broke, it’s time to kill two birds with one stone.

As you clean, set aside items you no longer need that can be of value to others. People will pay for:

  • CD’s, books, and other media
  • Jewelry and clothes
  • Baby gear and kids toys
  • Wall art and furniture

List your unwanted stuff on resale sites like eBay and local social market platforms like FB marketplace. If you take detailed photos and ask for reasonable prices, you can make hundreds of dollars and have a clean home to show for it.

3. Getting Rid of Clutter Through Generosity

If you can’t or don’t have time to sell your unwanted valuables, why not give them away? Friends, family, and strangers in need might appreciate what you’re dying to offload.

Start by boxing decent items that have no resale value. That could include:

  • Nonperishable food
  • Old clothes
  • video or audio tapes

Perhaps you can finally get rid of those quirky gifts you got from well-meaning family members who lack good taste.

Shop the items around your circle of friends or within your community.

For a quick and generous act of service, take your unwanted treasure to a local homeless shelter or charity dump bin. Organizations like the Salvation Army invite donors to drop off their secondhand goods in giant bins outside their facility, no questions asked.

4. Putting Stuff In Storage

If you still can’t escape the clutter, there’s one more option to investigate. Put your unused valuables in storage.

Paying to store your stuff clears your home without forcing you to get rid of prized possessions. To ensure your belongings don’t get ruined, pay for a climate-controlled storage space with security. That antique China pattern from Aunt Maud is a perfect candidate for secure storage, for instance.

Clutter Removal to the Rescue

Who knew getting rid of clutter could be creative, productive, and fun? Which of these tips will you use to kickstart your clutter removal?

For more advice on home-related trends, come back often. You won’t want to miss our new posts each week.

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