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7 Creative Window Sill Decorating Ideas You’ll Love

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Whether you’re redecorating your home or moving into a new place, getting to make the space entirely yours is exciting.

However, you may find yourself with one desolate space that draws the eye away from your expert interior design skills. Leaving large window sills empty can leave your windows feeling cold and neglected!

Luckily, there are plenty of window sill decorating ideas that you can look into to help transform any home.

If you want to dress up your window sills but aren’t where to start, be sure to keep reading for some of the best decor ideas to help you turn that empty space into a focal point of any room.

1. Photo Gallery

One of the best ways to dress up windows is to create a small photo gallery for the space. 

With so many frame options to choose from, you can keep your new gallery in line with your decor options. From chic mirrored frames to bohemian natural wood options, your photos will look stunning on the sill.

Whether you show off your own personal photography collection or place portraits of your family, this is a great spot to highlight beautiful photos. 

However, keep in mind that the sunlight can fade photos, so you can find anti-ultraviolet frames to put your photos in. These will protect your pictures and keep them in prime condition.

2. Seasonal Decor

If you have a central window sill, you can use it to show off your seasonal decorations. You can highlight the area with fun lighting and candles to help set the mood for each set of embellishments.

You can easily set up seasonal scenes for all of your favorite holidays. From a winter wonderland to a Halloween scene, you can get creative with your decor.

However, you’ll want to make sure that your windows look good enough to showcase your decor. A quick search of “window replacement near me” can yield results to help you improve the appearance of your home.

3. Cozy Nook

Not sure how to use a window sill for something functional? You can transform the space into a cozy sitting space!

Though different types of window sills will vary in size, generally, the space should be at least four feet wide to sit comfortably. Anything less may leave you feeling cramped or falling off the seat!

Your options when it comes to cushions are endless. You can invest in store-bought pillows or make your own out of foam and fabric.

No matter what you choose, one thing is certain – this will surely become one of your new favorite spots to relax! Whether you spend time reading, writing, knitting, or simply scrolling on your phone, a cozy nook is perfect for anyone.

4. Plants Galore

If you’re looking for a way to showcase your green thumb, placing potted plans on your window sills are a great way to add color to and help liven your home.

Not only is the window sill the perfect place for plants thanks to the abundance of sunlight they’ll receive, but plants also look nice! They can even be functional if you choose to grow specific herbs for cooking.

Specific plants can even eliminate pollutants from your home, helping you and your family breathe easier. 

Before you bring plants into your home, it’s important to research which plants are pet safe, in case you have a furry friend living in your home. 

5. Little Library

Whether you have an expansive collection of books or want to showcase a few of your favorite reads, one of the most popular window sill trends is to keep your books lined up on the sill.

However, you can take it up a notch and sandwich your sill between two bookshelves. This is a great way to add visual interest to your windows while highlighting your collection of books.

If you prefer to keep things simple, line up your favorite reads to display them between unique bookends for an added decorative touch.

6. Family Heirlooms

Want a place to show off your sentimental family heirlooms? Placing them on your window sill is a great way to honor those who have gifted these special items to you.

Whether you have an antique clock from your grandmother or military memorabilia from your great-grandfather, placing these items on the window sill ensures they have their own dedicated space.

You can add other elements, like photos or flowers to help adorn these special and unique items. This is a great way to ensure these items aren’t just thrown on the sill but rather arranged with thought and care.

7. Pet Corner

Let’s be honest; if you have a pet, they’re very likely the highlight of your life! One way to help pamper them is to give them their own little space on the window sill.

This is a great way to keep all of your pet supplies centralized in one area as well. A great window sill DIY you can do is create a storage bench under the window. This helps you keep all of your pet’s items in one space.

You can also add a pet bed to the sill to create the perfect cozy location for your furry friend. Who doesn’t love to nap in the sunlight after all? 

The Best Window Sill Decorating Ideas

While negative space can help prevent your home from becoming overwhelmed with decore, your window sill doesn’t have to suffer by remaining empty!

No matter what your decor style is, dressing up this area of your home can create visual interest and make your home feel more personalized. From sleek and elegant to country chic, any of these decor options can fit your style.

If you found this guide to the easiest window sill decorating ideas inspiring, be sure to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more great home and lifestyle tips and tricks.

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