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6 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid for Your Office

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Due to the recent health crisis, 66 percent of employees want better office cleaning practices. Otherwise, they feel unsafe to return to their workplaces.

This figure is a wake-up call for your workspace. Your current cleaning routine might not be enough anymore.

One maintenance aspect to consider is your window cleaning process. A way to improve is to discover what you’re doing wrong. Read on as we list some common window cleaning mistakes to avoid:

  1. Cleaning In The Wrong Weather Conditions

Several issues arise if you clean commercial windows when the weather isn’t right. For example, it’s almost impossible to get rid of soap streaks when it’s too sunny.

Your ideal cleaning condition should involve colder weather. It gives you more time to clean before the soap on the glass starts drying out.

Washing windows during rainy days could also result in stains. Snow, rain, and other forms of precipitation will hinder your cleaning goals. Be patient and wait for the best weather.

  1. Disregarding Safety

The good news is only one high-rise fatality happens every year. It doesn’t mean you must throw caution into the wind. When cleaning your office windows, always focus on safety standards.

If you want to hire commercial window cleaning, check whether they have insurance. It ensures you have no liabilities when injuries happen.

  1. Using The Wrong Equipment

Avoid using lint-based cloth and paper towels. They often leave fibers behind, making your windows look dirtier. Instead, consider using non-toxic solutions since they won’t leave marks.

Microfiber cloths are a great choice since they leave no residue. If your windows have encrusted grime, invest in a scraper and the appropriate window cleaning products.

  1. Cleaning Before Removing Deposits

Before beginning the window cleaning process, get rid of dirt, grime, and bird droppings. These could accumulate over time, especially when you don’t do regular window maintenance.

Paper towels are acceptable at this stage. As mentioned above, you can use the scraper to get rid of the more stubborn debris. Finishing this step will save you lots of effort.

  1. Cleaning From The Inside-Out

Lacking the right equipment will often make you clean exterior windows from inside the building. It’s dangerous and has subpar results. If you can’t afford these tools, consider hiring professionals instead.

  1. Forgetting Other Window Components

Most people pay attention to the window glass and forget other window parts. As a result, your frames will be dusty, with fingerprints scattered all over their surface. 

Pay attention to the window frames and handles as well. When applicable, open your windows and clean the gaps within.

Avoid Window Cleaning Mistakes Now

We hope these window cleaning mistakes help you avoid extra costs. Never waste cleaning products and efforts when cleaning commercial offices. However, if you have no in-house janitorial services, consider hiring a contractor now.

Did this guide help? If so, consider exploring our other posts for more valuable tips and tricks today.


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