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5 Ways to Use Solar Landscape Lights

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The popularity of solar landscape lighting just keeps growing and growing and for a good reason. Not only are solar lights eco-friendly but they also save you money, enhance your property, and are easy to install and operate.

We should also add that solar lights are weather-resistant and don’t require wiring. The only thing they do require is direct sunlight. Solar lights provide lighting in the most remote of places. And as technology advances, solar lighting is becoming smarter and more durable.

With that said, let’s see 5 ways that you can use solar landscape lights in your home.

1. Light a pathway

One of the most common ways landscape lights are used is to brighten up pathways and walkways around your property. Solar landscape lights illuminate pathways making them safe and easy to navigate.

The best way to position your pathway solar lights is on either side of walkways and pathways. You can also place them along sidewalks that lead to porches, backyards, swimming pools, pergolas, and other garden features.

You also have the option of installing motion-sensor solar lighting. This type of lighting activates when someone is near. Having landscape lighting around your pathways can also boost curb appeal at night.

2. Illuminate deck or porch

Your deck area is a perfect place to extend your outdoor living space. With the help of solar garden lights, you can extend and maximize your outdoor time. You can install overhead solar lights, decorative lights, string lights, or whatever else comes to your mind.

The outdoor lighting can help you create a tranquil backyard oasis in your home. You can light up the seating area, dining area, as well as other areas in your backyard. Lighting is also a perfect way to create a serene ambiance and set the mood in your garden.

With solar lighting, you can also brighten up your front porch and make your home more inviting. And as we already mentioned, all this can be easily done without any need for electrical wiring or a complicated installation process.

3. Increase security

Probably the most important reason why landscape lighting should be installed is security. Outdoor solar lighting can significantly increase the safety and security of your home or business. With it, your property will be more visible and safer to get to.

You can easily and without problems install solar lights near doors, above the garage and driveway, and in nearly any dark space on your property. This type of lighting is also great for remote locations where there’s no electricity. Once again, you can opt for motion-sensor solar lights.

4. Showcase landscape and increase property value

Your beautiful landscape should be on display 24/7. And the best way to make this possible is with solar landscape lighting. If you have a water feature or a pretty statue that you want to showcase, you can use landscape spotlights.

You can enhance and showcase all the decorative trees and shrubs in your garden, you can illuminate flower beds and lush greenery. With solar lights, your whole garden can come to life at night.

Showcasing your landscape with solar garden lights, both in the back and front yard, can significantly increase the property value. With solar lighting, you can also highlight all the other best features on your property.

Strategically placing lighting can add dimension and character to almost any house regardless of its age, size, and style. Not to mention that having a well-lit house can make a difference in the whole neighborhood!

5. Illuminate different outdoor spaces

The best thing about landscape and garden lighting is that it can be installed virtually in every outdoor space, as long as it has direct access to sunlight. This means that you can brighten up outdoor walls, stairways, pergolas, entryways and so much more. You can even light up your old shed at the end of your property. You can even make your pool area safe and inviting during the night with the help of solar lights.

Solar lighting is very convenient. It doesn’t require electricity and it can be installed pretty much anywhere. You can have your whole back and front yard illuminated with the help of solar lighting.

Hopefully, these 5 uses of solar landscape lighting inspire you to brighten up your property. And with so many types and sizes of solar lighting available, you won’t have any trouble finding something that fits the style and needs of your property.

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