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11 Simple Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

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Whether you’re landscaping your first yard or you’ve been in the landscaping business for years, there are always new tips to learn.

Some of these landscaping tips will be common sense concepts that everyone knows about, while others may teach you something new. The goal of this article is to give readers a fresh perspective on landscape design and landscape maintenance naperville il.

Read on to get unique landscaping ideas!

1. Landscaping Advice: Keep It Simple

Most landscapers will have a few “favorites” that they like to use when landscaping a yard. However, there is no set formula for landscaping success.

Be creative and use plants that are suited for your area. Don’t use just what you prefer to see. Also, try not to plant things too close together to create larger impact areas and give the plants some breathing room.

2. Consider Your Options Before Removing a Tree

Many homeowners think they need to remove a tree or landscaping element because it doesn’t fit their plans. However, it could be the perfect landscaping detail in another yard.

Instead of cutting down or moving every element in your yard, consider if you can move them around and keep them intact. This will save time and money spent on landscaping businesses.

3. Don’t Just Plant Grass for Looks

A lot of landscapers add grass as an easy way to fill space with something green. But this is not always the best choice depending on where you live.

If you have sandy soil or little shade in your yard, you will want to consider landscaping with a ground cover that can take the abuse and thrive in hard-to-manage yards.

4. Plants Can Live Without Water for Longer Than You Think

Many landscapers don’t know how long plants need to be watered. So, they keep certain elements constantly wet, which rots them from the inside out over time.

There is a lot of home landscaping terminology that landscapers use, but one you’ll hear often is “deep watering.” Deep watering means that you should flood your yard a little bit and let it soak in rather than just watering it every day.

5. Mixing Terracotta Pots, Silver Containers, and Pop Cans

Landscapers working with a limited budget probably use what they can find lying around the house, which is fine if you have pots already planted or other items that can be used for landscaping. However, landscapers should always check out thrift stores and garage sales for cheap but unique containers that could add color and interest to any landscaped yard. Old soda cans are also perfect for landscaping because they’re cheap, colorful, and fairly sturdy.

6. Don’t Forget About the Lawn

Green landscaping is a great way to add color and interest to any landscaped yard. But always remember that you’ll need to mow the grass every week or so.

You do want your yard to be interesting, but if you can’t take care of it, then you might as well leave out the green landscaping altogether. At least it will make weekly maintenance much easier.

7. Consider Choosing Native Plants

It will be tempting for landscapers to choose plants that are common everywhere. After all, it makes choosing much easier.

However, landscapers should consider local plants and shrubs because they have been naturally adapted to survive in the area without requiring extra watering or care.

You may have heard landscapers landscaping with a certain plant, and then you go out and buy it only to find that it either grows slowly or dies in a matter of weeks. These plants may have been great on the landscaper’s job site but may not adapt to your yard.

8. Landscaping Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

There are landscaping businesses that offer cheap services as long as you don’t mind the quality. But homeowners should be looking for landscapers (like Franzwitte.com) willing to find the perfect landscape element for your yard without breaking your budget.

Landscapers working with a tight budget can always look into using items from thrift stores and garage sales, recycled materials, or local florists who often have leftover plants after the wedding season.

9. Practice Good Yard Maintenance

A lot of landscapers think they’re done with their job once they place every element in place. However, it’s important to maintain these landscaping elements to help them survive and thrive while keeping weeds out.

10. Bricks, Pavers, and Rocks Are Great Accessories

Even if landscapers have a lot of landscaping to do and not much money, they should still consider using bricks or pavers. They can be found at landscaper supply stores for cheap but can be used to make earthy walls or pathways that will add interest to your yard at an affordable price.

11. Consider Using Multiple Shrubs in One Area

Sometimes landscapers will want to make a landscaped area look special, and they’ll use one kind of shrub for the entire landscaped area.

However, landscapers should consider using multiple plants. You can place different types of shrubs planted close together and give them a uniform landscape appearance while still keeping landscaping affordable with shrubs that can be found at bargain prices just about anywhere.

Implement These Affordable Landscaping Tips

Landscaping can be a fun part of home improvement, even if you are working with a small budget.

In fact, landscapers who know the tips and tricks for landscaping well on a small budget will have better opportunities for finding extra work because homeowners are tired of paying high prices only to have cheap landscaping done. Yet, these homeowners want something special for their yards.

Did you love reading our landscaping tips? We have more interesting topics for you. Keep exploring our website.

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