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5 Rustic Home Design Ideas That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

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Are you searching for ways to bring that charming rustic feel into your home? Rustic home design is all the rage these days, and why shouldn’t it be? From country-inspired repurposing projects to whitewashed wood and muted greenery, there’s so much to be gained from dressing your rooms with rustic decor.

Here, we’re sharing our top 5 rustic home design ideas that will leave your house feeling cozy, chic, and charmingly modern all at once. Just keep on reading to find out how to get this rustic style right!

  1. Country Cottage Entryway

The entryway is the gateway into the home; give your guests something to chat about by refreshing your entryway to look as though it came from a quaint country cottage. All you’ll need is:

  • a farmhouse-style entry table
  • a greenery wreath
  • a neutral lamp/lampshade
  • a light-colored woven basket

Assemble any matching decor (preferable light-colored) onto the entry table and hang the wreath in the center above it. Then, set the lamp on the side of the table and then place the basket under the table.

  1. Wooden Floating Shelves

Have lots of decor or antiques you want on display in your home? Pick up some thick wooden floating shelves (the chunkier the better!) and hang them on a wall in your home. Feel free to accent the decor with pops of greenery that will make your entire rustic interior come together.

  1. Floral Trough Centerpiece

If you’re in need of a rustic-style centerpiece for your dining table, try adding a wooden trough in the center. Beneath the trough, utilize a woven or light-colored table running to cater to a more elegant aesthetic. Inside the trough, place faux florals or cotton inside. Along with these soft-colored florals, you can add hints of greenery to incorporate looks in the rest of your house.

  1. Stacked Wooden Crates

Did you know that you can stack wooden industrial crates to make side tables and coffee tables? If you really want to create the rustic, farmhouse look in your home, grab a stack of wooden crates and either leave them unpainted or paint them in a white hue to make them more upscale.

Then, you can place lamps, candles, picture frames, vases, books, or anything else your heart desires onto them!

  1. Farmhouse Furniture

One of the main indicators of a rustic-style home is antique furniture. Head to your local antique store and search for wooden pieces like side chairs and tables so that you can bring that weathered look into your home.

For more furniture ideas, check out Dumond’s Furniture!

Elevate Your Home With Rustic Home Design Today

Which of these rustic home design tips do you like the most? If you want to bring a charming, farmhouse-style atmosphere into your home, adding some rustic decor into your rooms is the best way to achieve that. Now that you’re aware of these tips, you can elevate your home and create your dream space today!

Did you learn something new in this article? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our posts about all things home!

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