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5 Must Have Design Features to Add to Your Custom Home

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Recent surveys by NAHB show that custom home building expanded by 10.8% in 2021. This is amid the rise in existing home equity.

The idea of constructing a custom home that’s designed according to your family’s preferences is what makes a home special. You can play around with different concepts to create cool custom home features.

When designing your home, start imagining all the custom amenities to include in your dream house. Your house should reflect your personality and be within your budget.

Besides, your custom home should deliver the convenience and comfort you truly want. This article gives you five inspiring ideas to add to your custom home.

Unique Entryway

You want your guests to be pleasantly surprised and mind blown when they enter your home. To get this reaction, you must ensure that your entryway is one of a kind.

Select statement pieces for your furniture and light fixtures. Custom built-in shelves give you a sleek, streamlined design while creating an organized space.

You can find answers on this site if you have custom home builder questions.

Custom Home Gym

Recently, the convenience of a custom home gym is a must-have indoor home feature that’s considered luxurious. You can get fit and healthy in the privacy of your own house, with the latest gym equipment.

There are many different locations around the house where you can place a gym. These include the basement, attic, or even the garage.

Install Skylights

It’s best to consider these fantastic natural lighting options when building custom homes. They allow sunlight to penetrate the house more than what standard windows offer.

You should plan the locations for your skylights according to the sun’s position in the sky as the seasons change.

Single and Double Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are an indoor home feature that has become the heart of today’s modern home. They provide a lot of space for casual family meals, food preparation, and entertaining guests.

Double kitchen islands increase seating space and storage for bulky kitchen appliances such as the food processor.

Game Room

Set aside a room to free up your sitting room from the noise and chaos caused by gaming. Ask the entire family for input on how to decorate the game room in a fun style that makes it unique.

The room can contain items like ping pong tables, pinballs, table tennis, and a big TV for gaming.

Custom Home Building

The journey toward building a custom home may come with hurdles and frustrations. Building that custom home with a style that suits your family and lifestyle will be worth it.

Designing your home with custom features and entrusting your vision to your architect opens up many more options. The freedom to choose the works of art that go into your custom home makes it special even for future years.

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