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4 Types of Sinks for Your Kitchen

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If researched and done well, home remodels add a great deal of value to your residence. You gain more equity that you can borrow through cash-out refinancing and make more money when you sell. Homeowners spend hours in the kitchen every week and they’re a major consideration for buyers, so it’s logical to start renovations there.

Sinks aren’t the first kitchen features most people think of when doing an aesthetic makeover. They don’t match up to the reputation of electric appliances, either, which people often replace while ignoring the sink. Yet, considering new types of sinks is one of the most affordable and functional choices you can make when renewing a kitchen’s look.

Doing dishes every day isn’t appealing to most, but it’s impossible to avoid. Enjoying pleasant scenery while doing the chore helps boost your mood and makes doing dishes less miserable. Switching out your sink is an easy way to start on your way to a better dishwashing experience.

Take a look at these top sink styles trending today.

  1. Trendy and Functional Under-Mount Sinks

Perhaps the trendiest kind of sink in modern days is the under-mount sink. As the name suggests, you install these sinks underneath the counter. This creates a sleek look as the counter surrounds the sink, masking it.

On a functional note, some people aren’t into traditional over-mount sinks because grime sometimes builds up on the lip. Other people struggle with water pooling and spilling over the edge of the appliance. It creates an annoying mess that spills and ruins outfits, floods unsecured cabinets, and makes you bust out the mop.

The worst issues that arise with over-mount sinks are mold under the sink and rust on and around the metal basins. Water sometimes seeps under the sink lip and leads to those problems, which can grow to crisis status before you notice.

These problems are more of a concern when you have low-quality over-mount sinks that aren’t installed well. Still, they might happen with any over-mount sink if you don’t keep up with maintenance.

  1. Rustic Farmhouse Sinks Can Be Chic

Farmhouse sinks are unique in that you leave the front of the sink—known as the apron—visible when installing it. The “farmhouse” name implies a rustic, unpolished look. That turns some folks with high-class tastes away from the design.

In one sense, farmhouse sinks do look rustic: The exposed apron highlights the sink basin, which most styles hide. It recalls the look of utility sinks in barns, basements, and laundry rooms.

Despite those rugged roots, today’s farmhouse sinks have smoother and more fashionable designs. Modern home designers brought innovation to the farmhouse sink.

As you can see from these sink choices, there’s a farmhouse sink for every aesthetic. These days, farmhouse sinks are popular in rugged farmhouses and luxe mansions alike.

  1. Double-Basin Sinks for Organization

Home cooks and professional chefs swear by double-basin sinks. They feature two sink basins, side by side. Commercial double-basin sinks are huge and have a ton of room in each basin.

Home double-basin sinks are the same size as any other kitchen sink in most cases, with smaller basins. Like the commercial style, traditional home double-basin sinks are utilitarian in design and as handy as they look. The main benefit of this sink style is the organizational possibilities.

Because there are two basins, you can separate clean dishes from dirty ones. Many people like to put dirty dishes on one side and sudsy dishes on the other before rinsing and drying them. Some fill the second basin with water to dip and rinse their dishes that way.

There are some creative uses for double-basin sinks, too. You can stack dirty dishes in one basin while cleaning vegetables in the other.

Some double-basin sinks have one large basin and a much smaller, shallower one. These sinks often have garbage disposals in the shallow side, making the design convenient for activities like peeling carrots and scraping scraps off plates after meals.

Whatever reason you want a double-basin sink for, don’t feel limited by the traditional design. Steel is the classic material for double-basin sinks, but manufacturers expanded to all kinds of materials to make this variety more appealing.

These days, you can get a double-basin sink in most if not all of the materials and finishes you can get any other sink in. If your ideal sink combines the best of both form and function, consider a double-basin style with a designer look.

  1. Keep It Simple With a Single-Basin Sink

Plenty of folks enjoy the two compartments of double-basin sinks. Yet, two isn’t always better than one when it comes to kitchen sinks. Some people don’t care to separate their dishes as they wash them, so organizational features aren’t a high priority.

Others use their sinks for things that double-basin sinks aren’t suited for. Some people use their large kitchen sinks to wash their little dogs or small children. Doing so is more practical with a single-basin sink, as the one basin tends to be larger than either of those on a double-basin sink.

To be safe when using the kitchen sink for things like that, always make sure to sanitize the basin before and after. This is another task made easier with a single-basin sink. You won’t be tempted to leave dirty dishes in one basin while washing something—or someone—that shouldn’t be anywhere near them.

The age-old single-basin sink is a big, rectangular tub, often stainless steel or white ceramic. One-basin sinks made of creative materials, those with interesting finishes, and single-basin sinks with unique shapes refresh the style. You can also choose between under- and over-mount styles for single-basin sinks.

Better Your House With New Types of Sinks and More Homemaking Tips

These trendy types of sinks are a few of many options you have for updating your kitchen’s look and functionality. Do you want more tips and tools to boost your home’s aesthetic and your everyday life?

No worries if you’re not sure where to get started. Click on another article now to bring out the best in your house.

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