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10 Spectacular Pergola Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Area

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What is even better than having a gorgeous backyard or garden? Well, having a gorgeous pergola, of course! Pergolas are one of the best, most stylish, and most useful additions to any residential outdoor space.

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If you have one or are looking to get one built at some point soon, then you won’t want to miss this article. We will uncover ten of the most exciting and spectacular pergola ideas that homeowners around the country are dreaming of right now.

  1. Rustic, Cabin-Style Retreat

Lovers of the woods and country living will be head over heels for this pergola. It features a rustic, cabin-style look that is evocative of a relaxing summer vacation surrounded by nature. Wood is the name of the game for this type of pergola.

Want to take this style to the next level? Then, why not incorporating a living tree to make your pergola utterly unique? You will need the expert help of a landscaping professional like Coloradoclassicexteriors.com to create this spectacular structure. 

  1. Minimal, Japanese-Inspired Haven

Combine wood, wicker, and cotton or silk pillows to build your very own minimal haven with Japanese accents. The color scheme should reflect the neatness, simplicity, and timeless elegance of the main structure.

Choose whites and grays in various hues and tones, including stone, charcoal, mother of pearl, and eggshell.

  1. Mediterranean Paradise

Would you like to step outside your house and travel to a tiny, remote beach in southern Spain? If the very thought has you daydreaming of an endless summer, then you can achieve this with the right pergola.

Breathe some Mediterranean breeze into your garden with a romantic-style pergola. Play around with lights and shadows (like the chiaroscuro techniques in Renaissance paintings) and add an extra element of privacy with hanging veils or decorated screens.

  1. Islander’s Dream

Do you love the Mediterranean, but your real dream is to visit (or re-visit) the exotic shores of Polynesia? You’ve guessed it: there is a pergola style that can give you the illusion of being there without leaving your back garden.

Picking the right elements, such as wicker, wood, and tropical plants is key. To perfect the exotic theme, choose a thatch-covered arch roof. 

  1. Party Town Pergola

So far, our ideas to beautify your outdoor space were aimed at enhancing your privacy, relaxation, and calmness. But if you are a party animal, fear not: we’ve got the perfect pergola idea for you, too.

First of all, you need to create a space that offers the right type of protection from the elements. Then, you’ll want to be able to entertain your guests and prepare end to enjoy food in total safety (and style).

A patio cover is a must, as well as a roof made of solid wooden slates or stones. Now you can get that party started alright!

  1. Enchanted English Garden

Have you have always found the traditional “secret” English gardens fascinating? Then you can re-create the same atmosphere in your backyard.

You will need plenty of colorful and scented flowers (vines and wisteria work very well) that wrap the structure of a simple, wooden pergola. Close your eyes and soak in the gorgeous fragrances of your new English garden, or host a refined tea party with your friends.   

  1. Suspended Urban Forest

Don’t have an actual garden, but want to elevate — quite literally — the look and feel of your terrace? Then, consider adding a rooftop pergola. This can truly transform your tired-looking outdoor space into the coolest bar in town — with the most awesome views. 

  1. Bloomin’ Marvellous 

Are you a keen gardener with a real passion for and knowledge of plants and flowers? Then, why not build a pergola that reflects and celebrates this love for nature? All you need is a simple but resistant structure (wood and metal are perfect) that can function as the backdrop for your beautiful blooms.

Add planters, hanging baskets, smaller trees, and plants all around your pergola. Get ready to be crowned the most stunning and colorful garden in the neighborhood.

  1. Dreamy Moonlit Driveway

Now for something a bit more unusual. Have you ever considered installing a pergola… on your driveway? Yes, this can be a fantastic, one-of-a-kind way to transform what is usually a pretty dull, or at least neutral, part of your house exteriors.

Attach them to the pergola slats and cover them to ensure protection from the elements, and switch them on when the sun goes down. Talk about wowing your guests with a glowing welcome, right?

  1. Corner of Heaven

If you don’t have a lot of space to play around with, you can still get creative and put together a little cozy heaven in your backyard. Corner pergolas are a fantastic compromise for homeowners who can’t install larger structures.

These pergolas might be small in size, but they are mighty in style. With a corner pergola, you will still be able to decorate and personalize your garden, whatever the square footage available. 

Beautify Your Garden and Make It Unique With These Fabulous Pergola Ideas

Whatever size your backyard is, and whatever style you are aiming for, you can rest assured that there are plenty of exciting pergola ideas for you.

For example, you could re-create the quiet beauty of a quintessentially English garden, or turn your rooftop into party central. With the right type of pergola, the possibilities are endless. 

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