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7 Reasons You Don’t Need a Storage Unit

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An impressive 6 million homes are sold each year in the US. The result? At any given moment, there are huge numbers of households sifting through their stuff, packing it into boxes, and then transporting it across the country.

And many of them hire a storage unit to make life easier!

A sensible step, it allows them to start packing in advance, steadily moving boxes inside and, in the process, preventing everything from piling up in the house.

More often than not, though, hiring self-storage units is a necessary antidote for owning too much stuff! With countless items taking up space inside the house, people are forced to pay for extra room in which to keep their possessions.

Are you thinking of doing something similar? Want to find out why it mightn’t be the best idea? Check out these 7 reasons you may not need a self-storage unit.

  1. It Isn’t Cheap

Let’s face it: financial times are tough right now! Thanks to COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty it’s created, many people are feeling the pinch. If you’re in a similar situation, then the monthly rental fees for hiring a storage unit could put even further pressure on your bank balance.

Sure, prices vary between providers and the final cost will always depend on the unit’s size, location, and any extra features you need (e.g. climate control). But it’s never cheap! You can expect to pay thousands of dollars each year- especially if you’re in a big city where space is a rare commodity.

  1. Access Is Inconvenient

The next thing to think about is getting access to the items you put in storage. After all, it’s not like they’re in the garage or basement anymore! You have to make a concerted effort to drive to the facility and search through everything inside your unit to get your hands on something again.

That all takes time and effort you might not have. And remember, unless you’re paying for a facility that’s accessible 24/7, you’re constrained by their office hours. That’s bad news if you need something in a hurry!

  1. Items Could Be Stolen or Damaged

Imagine placing your invaluable family heirlooms, precious artwork, or treasured pieces of jewelry into a storage unit. Even if it’s locked at all times, there’s always a chance it’ll be broken into! Likewise, you’re entrusting the protection of everything inside to total strangers.

Throw in the potential for water damage, fires, and pests, and it’s worth thinking twice before paying for self-storage. At the very least, look for facilities that provide 24/7 (well-trained) security personnel, CCTV cameras, and proper sprinkler/fire systems in operation.

  1. You Should Probably Just Declutter

As we said in the intro, most people pay for storage units because they have too many possessions at home. More to the point (and in part due to the access issues we’ve discussed) they fill them with unessential items that aren’t used on a regular basis.

This begs the question:

Do you really need the stuff you’re thinking of putting into storage? In reality, you could save some money each month by decluttering instead! By sifting through each room and disposing of anything you no longer desire, use, or require, you’ll free up space in the house without having to resort to a unit.

  1. You Could Make Some Money Instead

All those items you’ve accumulated over time (and may or may not really need) in your house could be worth a small fortune! Remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Rather than putting your old shoes, clothes, computer games, electronic equipment, and sporting goods into storage, then, why not try to sell them?!

Try advertising items on eBay, organizing yard sales, or asking friends and family members if they’d be interested in buying anything. Take this approach and you kill three birds with one stone! You’ll create space in your house, avoid the need for expensive self-storage, and improve your financial situation all at once.

  1. You Could Donate Everything to People in Need

The only downside to selling your possessions is how much time and energy are involved. You have to sort through your stuff, decide what to sell (and what to keep), clean it all up, and then find willing buyers! Placing everything in self-storage is far less hassle in comparison.

However, don’t forget that you could donate it all instead. You could bring it all down to a local thrift store or find someone in your network to take it off your hands. This option declutters your house, has the ease of a storage unit, and you do a good deed at the same time.

  1. Home Storage Solutions Work Too

Are you taking full advantage of your property’s current storage space? Furthermore, is there any potential to upgrade what’s in place right now? Here’s why we ask:

You could take the money you plan to spend on self-storage and invest it in new storage solutions at home instead! Take this approach and there are no ongoing costs to consider. Furthermore, you’ll reap the rewards of extra storage space, have constant access to your possessions, and, in the process, could increase the value of the house.

Good examples include loft space complete with Instaloft boards, recessed wardrobes, converted basements, and overhead racking systems.

Do You Really Need a Storage Unit?

Storage units are a useful solution for anyone who wants to move house and/or needs a temporary place to keep their possessions. However, they’re also a common excuse for people to avoid decluttering and hold onto unnecessary items!

Throw in the wide array of potential problems involved (some of which we’ve discussed in this post) and you might find that hiring one isn’t the best way forward. We hope the insights in this article have highlighted why that’s the case!

Keep them in mind to decide whether or not you really need to pay for a storage unit. Are you interested in discovering more clever ways to store your possessions? Search ‘storage’ on the website now.


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