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What You Should Know About Infinity Pools

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The majority of pool lovers have heard of infinity or vanishing-edge pools, if not swum or seen. The main objective of these pools is to create an optical illusion that they have no edge. And if done correctly, they can appear to transition into another water body or horizon flawlessly. While it would be a great idea to have one, there is much more you need to understand concerning the infinity pool. So if you are thinking of installing a pool in your property, you may want to read this to the end. If you equip yourself with the right information, you double the possibility of making the right choices.

What are Infinity Pools?

They can be described as pools where water flows over one or more edges to create and edgeless illusion. Although they have become popular with the modern age, they have been around for quite some time. This model’s earliest design can be dated to the 15th century in France, in a pool that surrounded the statue in the palace of Versailles. Therefore, the only thing that has changed ever since is the materials and technological advancement.

How do Infinity Pools Function?

The major part of the infinity pool is the edge that you require to be invisible. These sides are usually made lower than the water level causing the water to flow towards that edge continually. More importantly, it is the slope of that side. Furthermore, the wall on that particular side needs to be slanted outward to enhance the water flow. Then outside the edge is the catch pool, which collects the flowing water from the pool and pumps it back.

How much does a regular Infinity Pool Cost?

These pools involve the water circulation system and the lower section, which make their construction more complicated than standard pools. For the water to flow in the right direction, a vacuum basin and powerful filtration system are used to remove debris, bugs, and leaves. Thus, the infinity pool may cost you about 30% more than a regular pool. The cost is likely to go higher in case you require multiple disappearing edges. Therefore, the price will vary depending on the size of the pool and the features involved.

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

The answer is yes. Remember, the infinity edge is a visual trick on your mind. In the real sense, the side of the pool doesn’t disappear, meaning if you keep swimming towards the vanishing edge, you will reach the wall. Moreover, there is another platform below the edge of an infinity pool, which makes it possible to flip over the pool edge. However, you must understand how this swimming pool works before thinking of swimming in the vanishing side.

Unlike the standard pools, vanishing-edge pools are more complex. Hence, you need to spend more time and money to maintain them since you will be required to clean the second section too. Besides, the filtration system and water pump have to be well maintained to avoid interfering with the water circulation and clogging of the filtration system.

When you are looking to start the install, feel free to check out openwaterpools.com.

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