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To Do List For Couples Moving To A New State

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Moving To A New State

Moving to a new place is never easy; it is hectic and time-consuming. Reasons for moving to a new place can vary. You could be searching for new job opportunities, or your current company might have posted you to a new location. In any case, chaos is always there.

The anticipation of meeting new people, settling in a new house, and packing and unpacking your belongings can be overwhelming. The fact that you are about to leave a place where you might have spent months, even years, is emotionally tiring too. To top it all off, your children might be freaking out, and your to-do list keeps on expanding. Therefore, moving to a new home is frantic, making you feel just-south-of-sane yourself.

All this happens regardless of the location you are moving to. Whether you are moving down the hall, to a new neighborhood, or relocating to a new state altogether, feeling pressured and stressed is a constant. But generally, the greater the distance, the more aspects must be on your checklist. If you are going through the period of moving out of the state or to a different city, here is your ultimate to-do list.

Find a storage unit for the extra stuff

Settling in a new place takes time, becoming even more challenging when you have more stuff to unpack. Therefore, the lesser stuff there is to manage, the better. A storage unit in your new town can help you manage extra belongings that are not required immediately. You can search a nearby storage facility by doing a location-based search. For instance, search “Olympia storage” if you are moving to Olympia.

Similarly, you can find storage in any other area simply by replacing “Olympia” with the name of your city. Finding a storage unit online is less time-consuming and more efficient. You can contact the facility by phone and enquire about their rates and facilities.

Create a moving budget

Moving is not cheap. Even if there are ways to save some money, you still need a dedicated moving-out budget. Various financial commitments require a lot of money. You have to consider the rent deposits for your new house, insurance, utilities, Wi-Fi, shipping costs of your car if you are not driving it, etc. Your budget will also depend on what other services you are using, for instance, hiring a moving and packing company and transportation costs. Simultaneously, you need to ensure that you have enough money in your bank to pay for your living expenses for a minimum of three months.

Everything counts, even a few dollars saved on buying supplies or hiring a more economical moving company when making a budget. If you are moving for the first time, making a budget can overwhelm you. You may not know how to calculate various costs. Therefore, you can use a moving cost calculator available online for more accurate estimates.

Contact a suitable moving company

Some people borrow vehicles from their friends and family to transport their stuff to a new state. But it is not always wise. No one can ensure the safety of your belongings from mishaps happening on the road. Hiring a mover company is a better option. These companies can provide complete services, including packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your stuff at your new destination.

However, it would help to analyze what you want the mover company to do and choose a suitable company accordingly. Make sure to connect with at least three companies before finalizing one. Compare their rates and services. Do they vouch for the complete safety of your stuff? Will they be responsible for any harm happening to your belongings during transit? Above all, check that they have the expertise to cover long-distance moves. You can also check the reviews of the previous customers and see what they say about the company’s service quality.

If you are still in favor of a DIY move, be sure about the route you will take and its safety. Educate yourself about the best way to ship your items, look up suitable packing supplies, and properly prep the bulky items such as electronics and furniture.

Visit your new destination before moving

Visiting your new destination can solve a lot of riddles. But traveling across the state can be expensive, especially when done with family. But if it fits into your budget, plan a trip to your new house, scope out the neighborhood, find the nearest eateries, pharmacies, and places for a morning jog, and walk your dog. A full rundown on everything you are about to live with can significantly declutter your mind and decrease uncertainty. This way, you can be confident of finding everything of significance near your house.

If visiting your new state and city in person is not possible, get to know about it remotely. You can find sufficient information about your city online and through review websites. You can use Walk Score to check if your area is navigable on foot and by car. Check how far grocery stores and supermarkets from the residential areas are. If you can pay for the subscription, neighborhood scout can be an excellent source of the crime rate, trends, schools, real estate, etc.

Get all essential paperwork in order

This might be the least fun part of relocating to a new state, but it is probably one of the inevitable tasks on your to-do list. Ensuring that all your paperwork is in order can prevent you from stressing over important matters lattes. These tasks include changing your billing and postal address, canceling memberships, discontinuing your Wi-Fi connection, etc. Not all of these are taken care of before the move. You can address some of these issues after reaching your new state too.

Keep documents and valuable items with you

Most moving companies have reliable staff trained to take care of their customer’s belongings. Still, sending valuable items such as precious art pieces, documents, and jewelry is not wise. Prepare a binder to organize all the important documents you will take. Similarly, carefully pack the art pieces and heirlooms and keep them by your side.


You might be complaining about a perpetually expanding to-do list; it still helps you stay on track and not forget important tasks. It makes your moving to a new state more efficient, keeping the chances of blunders and stress to a minimum. It is not uncommon to feel forgetful when under a lot of pressure. Studies reveal that stress and anxiety significantly impact our ability to think clearly. Therefore, having a to-do list by your side during this time can be a stress buster.

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