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How to Handle the Stress of Moving

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Handle the Stress of Moving

Moving to a new house is full of excitement and anticipation of starting a new life in a new place. You might already be thinking about how to landscape your property and decorate your home. However, you cannot deny that the process is equally stressful, with many stressors present in the whole process of moving. You might be emotionally distressed about leaving your old house, friends, and a familiar locality. Then, there is the hassle of packing your stuff, shifting to a new place, and ensuring the safety of your things during transit.

Some people also worry about settling in a new house. So, moving can generate strange intermingled feelings of stress, fear, and excitement. However, not all moving experiences need to be stressful, and certainly, yours should be as smooth as it can get. So, how can you handle the stress of moving and make the process as stress-free as possible? Certain practical tips can help you manage your stress. These tips can keep your anxiety levels within reasonable limits.

Managing the extra stuff

Surprisingly, when you plan a move, a lot of extra stuff starts pouring out from every cabinet, drawer, and room. There is furniture that might not fit or office files and documents that have no place in the new house. Above all, there can be precious items and heirlooms that might be too delicate to move to a new location during an all-out move. Managing all these things can be very stressful for the homeowners who have spent years collecting stuff or lovingly caring for heirlooms. These things need to be put in a safe place, somewhere you can access them easily. A storage unit is a place where you can safely accommodate these items. Storage facilities are secure facilities managed with state-of-the-art CCTV and alarm systems so that you can be confident about the safety of your precious belongings.

Understand why moving is stressful

First, you need to understand what makes this process stressful. Because one thing is clear, managing stress becomes easier when you know the underlying factors causing it. This way, you can address each reason one by one and keep anxiety levels low.

Moving is not just stressful; it is an expensive activity. You have to take care of many financial commitments before, during, and after moving to a new house. There is rent payment for your new home, fees paid to the moving company, transportation costs, and the list goes on.

Secondly, it is time-consuming. You need a lot of time to plan and pack your stuff, collect your supplies, transfer your utilities, etc. Moving also causes chaos and disruption in your life. It takes a few months before you properly settle down in your house, not to mention the commotion before the actual move. Realizing the causes can prepare you to expect them during the process. Being aware of the inevitable helps you prepare for the impending expense and disruption.

Make a list of all the tasks.

A list of tasks to guide your move and every activity is an excellent stress buster. Not all jobs are urgent. Therefore, they can wait, and the more urgent ones take precedence. Make a list of everything that you need to do. Once everything is jotted down, you can decide what must be done first and what can follow. Create due dates for every task and make sure to stick to them. This plan can be your guiding light throughout the whole moving process. If you work without a plan, you will easily become overwhelmed and start feeling the consequences of high stress. You feel daunted by the work that needs to be done and too little time. This thought can impact your emotional balance and diminish your ability to cope.

Plan early

What do you think is the right time to start planning your move? Most people who had to experience moving favor starting as soon as they finally decide about moving. For a minimum, you should have two months to finish your packing before moving. Some experts believe in planning the move so that it happens in phases instead of doing it in one go. Plan your entire move according to the number of weeks you have. For instance, in the first week, you can start by purging your house, and from there, you can begin to declutter unwanted and extra stuff.

Get rid of unwanted stuff.

When you live in a place for a long time, it is easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. But when you start purging your house, the realization dawns that you have been hoarding unnecessary things. These extra belongings are often the reason for excessive clutter in your home, and managing them can be very stressful. So, make sure to get rid of surplus stuff. You can donate things to a charity or organize a yard sale and earn some money.

Start packing early

Leaving packing to the last minute is to invite stress and anxiety. So, once you eliminate all the unwanted and unnecessary stuff, you can turn to supplies and start packing. Simultaneously, be cautious about packing the house too early unless you don’t mind living out of boxes for some time. A better option is to start from the room which is the least used or which you can live without. For instance, you can start packing up the study, your kid’s play area, and the music room. In any case, the kitchen and bathrooms should be the last places to target.

Hire a suitable moving agency

Some people are comfortable with a DIY move. They prefer to save money and load and unload stuff themselves. But generally, it is not a wise option. Moreover, most people are not skilled enough to move things independently. Therefore, they end up hurting themselves and harming their precious belongings. Hiring an experienced moving company is much wiser. The agency often takes care of the packing phase too. They also ensure that no harm comes to your belongings during transit or unpacking.

When hiring the moving service, make sure the company is reputable, trustworthy, and has ample experience. Affordability is another factor that needs your attention. It is especially true when moving long distances. So what better way to handle the stress than sharing a larger part of it with professionals well-versed in their job? Outsourcing this job means you have ample time to do other things, such as applying for school transfer certificates, canceling your subscriptions and memberships, etc.


Moving is about uprooting your life and relocating to a new uncharted space. Therefore, it is often stressful. However, it would help if you did not let the stress of moving ruin your excitement of settling in a new place. Of course, there are many ways stress can overwhelm you, but having a plan in place and sticking to deadlines can reduce a significant part of it. Moreover, starting the process early has its benefits.


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