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Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

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No matter which season you prefer one thing is for sure, autumn is the time for curling up on the sofa, watching our favourite shows whilst enjoying the crisp air and the wonderful warm colours of the season. 

Whilst the idea of chilling inside with your favourite show or a good book is very tempting, autumn is the time for getting out and about. Walks in autumn have much to offer including conkering and wildlife watching; as squirrels and rabbits get ready for the winter months.

Heading outdoors in autumn is a family activity with plenty of options for things to do and places to go. Here’s a list of three amazing autumnal activities for all to enjoy. 

Autumn Art Attack

This activity comes straight from Regatta’s latest campaign Harnessing the Power of Nature and what a lovely wholesome idea it is. 

The whole family will love creating an autumn collage, so simply put on your coats and wellies and head to your local park. 

Whilst nature is beautiful in every season, autumn brings with it warm burnt tones of orange and red, whilst also being a delight to many senses, especially when stepping on the crunchy leaves beneath your feet that make an oddly satisfying sound. 

It is the colours and sounds that children can bring into their autumn collages. By simply gathering brightly coloured leaves, twigs and pinecones each member of the family can start to create their collage. Just remember to be creative, add some paper and trace the leaves as well as sticking them to the paper to add some texture. 

If your family is not artsy then why not try a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt

Children will love a scavenger hunt, especially if you make it competitive. Split up into small teams, each with the same list of items to find and get outdoors.

When setting up your scavenger hunt try to add things to the list that are at different levels, beneath rocks and in the sky. This will encourage your little ones to explore the outdoor space and should keep them busy for a while!

A scavenger hunt can be done at home or further afield. The good thing is, it’s totally up to you.

Autumn Nights Outdoors

As well as the bold colours of the day the autumn evenings can be just as beautiful, as the sky turns a shade of pink and the clouds become broken as the sun goes down.

For an unforgettable evening beneath the picturesque sky with the whole family, set up a small fire pit and tell stories around the campfire.

Just remember to treat yourself to some roasted marshmallows or go the extra mile and make s’mores – delicious! 

Nature can be enjoyed all year round from summer beach adventures to winter walks. Places change over these seasons, so go and experience them for all they have to offer. Remember to share your experiences on social using #RegattaExplorers

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