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How to Stay Warmer at Home This Winter

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With the energy cost rising, many people are worried about how they can stay warm this winter while avoiding higher energy bills than necessary. While you can wear multiple layers and snuggle under blankets to help keep you warm, this isn’t always the best solution and can still leave you feeling uncomfortable in your living space. The following suggestions might seem costly upfront, but these property adjustments can help decrease your energy bills over time by helping to keep your home warmer during the cold winter months.

  • Improve Your Insulation

A great place to start if you want your home to be warmer is to check the quality of the insulation in your property. If there is little insulation or what is in place has seen better days, you might want to consider investing in getting this replaced with better, modern insulation instead. Again, this might seem expensive upfront, but the better insulated your property is, the less energy you will need to use to keep it warm. 

  • Fix Broken Windows and Doors

If you have draughty windows or doors, this will be another way that heat escapes your house. It could be issued with the seal around the frames, or you might not have double-glazed windows on the property. Either way, this can be an issue, and you should look at getting your windows replaced or the seals repaired to help keep the warmth inside your property. Doors might also need to be replaced if they are causing the same issue.

  • Insulation Under Flooring

Putting new insulation in your roof and walls are great, but don’t forget about your floors, either. Underneath the carpets or wood flooring, if you have it, check to see if there is an underlay that can help to keep your home warmer. This additional soft layer under your flooring can stop cold from rising from the ground, and it is another excellent way to keep your home feeling cozier during winter.

  • Check Your Boiler

If you have ever experienced a boiler breaking down, then you know how much of a nightmare this can be. You certainly don’t want to be without hot water and heating in the heart of winter, so always have your boiler serviced before the months get colder. You may also want to look at improving your boiler efficiency to help you save further on your energy bills. 

  • Insulated Wallpaper

Another option you can explore if you want to keep your home warmer is using insulated wallpaper. You don’t have to use this on every wall, but the ones that are part of your property’s exterior walls should be targeted. This can be a more cost-effective way of improving your home’s insulation if you can’t afford to replace it in the roof or other parts of your property at this time. 

If you want to make sure your home stays warm this winter without sending your bills skyrocketing, invest in these home improvements.


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