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What Are The Latest Construction Safety Trends

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Safety is always the most important conversation to have within the construction industry. Although safety levels have improved over the years and continue to improve, there will always be accidents on sites. Limiting the instances of accidents and trying to reduce the impact of accidents in terms of the severity of injuries and reducing fatalities is an important part of the process. One way in which you can improve safety standards on site is to align your construction business with a plant hire company that you can trust. 

Safety trends

There are a few things that are happening in terms of health and safety trends that could make a difference to how safe your construction site is. As a site or project manager your job is to ensure the safety of all operators, contractors on site, and passers-by, alongside meeting the project deadlines and budgets. 

Wearable safety tech – One of the biggest changes in recent years is that of wearable safety tech that increasessafety alerts and warnings.You can see this now in hardhats that have proximity settings to help keep wearers safe, wristwatches that have hand-arm vibrations for risk management, and real-time tracking devices that lone workers can wear in remote locations for safety purposes. 

Enhanced safety tech on equipment – sensors and safety limits on construction equipment and machinery significantly improves the safety of all operators and those around them on site. This is especially useful in tight site situations where it is necessary to have full awareness of people and structures all around your machine when operating.

App improvement – there are apps for everything these days, but this is a good thing for safety standards in the construction industry. Apps can help manage and track data across a whole host of systems and users, tracking accidents and near-misses to help analyse where things can be improved in future. Tracking apps for plant hire delivery also helps construction managers to keep tabs on projects.

Virtual training–training for construction site workers, machine operators, and everyone involved on any site, has always been the best way to enhance safety standards and to ensure that everyone understands precise safety protocols. Virtual training has improved and increased, allowing your operators to learn about new machines and equipment you are hiring at their own speed. 

Safety is paramount with plant hire services

The best plant hire services always prioritise safety when offering contract plant hire for the medium to long-term. Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, so it is vital that everything you can do to improve safety standards is done so in a consistent, high-quality basis. This means regular testing and maintenance of machinery and equipment between contracts, it means the latest technology is used at every turn, where previous deficiencies and faults have been found and removed, and it means effective training manuals and expert advice and guidance from the plant hire specialists to ensure that your operators are fully primed and know exactly how to use each piece safely and effectively.

Working with a plant hire company you can trust goes a long way to ensuring your safety standards remain high and consistent on a construction site and project. Building that long-term trust is important for the smooth running of each individual project, as well as the long-term schedules and budgets that you are contracted for in the coming months. Safety is everything, so make the correct choice of support services, such as plant hire experts in the UK, to be by your side at all times.

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