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8 Reasons You Should Add a Garage to Your Home

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Are you planning to raise your home property value?

One of the best ways to accomplish it is to add a garage. It’s an extra usable space in your home for various purposes. It makes your space more attractive to future buyers.

However, those aren’t the only benefits of a new garage. Read on as we discuss other reasons to invest in this home feature. Learn more:

1. Get More Storage Space

When you have an attached garage, you have the perfect place to store various things aside from your car. Various sports equipment, gardening implements, trash cans, and boxes of old clothes are some examples.

The possibilities for your garage space are almost limitless. You need only think about the amount of space to allocate for it. Once you have one, you can declutter your home and make it more spacious.

2. Reduce the Risk of Theft

Home burglary is the second most common crime in the United States. If you leave your car in the open, burglars will often see it as a free game. Avoid this situation and build a garage for your home.

Parking your car within your garage area can deter most thieves. After closing your garage door, they find it more troublesome to get to your car. They can’t search it or your property for valuables.

Knowing your car is safe can give you peace of mind. If you want to DIY install your garage door parts, click the link.

3. Allow Indoor Car Maintenance

When the weather is bad, doing car maintenance outdoors is a nightmare. If you don’t want to fix your car while it’s raining buckets, get a garage. It gives a safe, well-lit, warm, and dry environment.

You can refill the windshield washer fluid or vacuum your car’s interior without worrying about the elements. Depending on the money you’re willing to spend, you can install advanced repair features. It’s a blessing especially if you have mechanical expertise.

4. Store More Refrigerators

Do you like stockpiling supplies? Sometimes, your kitchen refrigerator is too small for various food items. If you want to stay cozy in your home, having extra space for bigger refrigerators is a must.

Fortunately, your garage has enough space for these appliances. You can now store extra meat, cheese, sodas, and other perishable goods. It allows you to avoid going to the grocery for a long while.

5. Lower Auto Insurance Rates

It’s one of the lesser-known garage benefits around. However, your insurance provider will often place lower rates on your auto insurance if you own a garage. It keeps your car from wearing and tearing while lowering the risk of theft.

Over time, these insurance savings will add up. Never underestimate the insurance rate reductions from having a garage.

6. Make a Workshop

Are you the family’s handyman? If so, the garage is a perfect space to do these activities. It allows you to have a workshop for repairing various furniture and other household items.

It’s also the best area for pursuing various hobbies. Whether it’s woodworking or building plastic models, you have a safe space to pursue your interests. If you’re thinking of taking up a new hobby, investing in a garage is a must.

7. Protect Your Car From All Weather Conditions

The shelter of a home garage is undisputable. It’s better than leaving it outdoors at least. Even when your area lacks extreme weather conditions, you need not worry about rain and harsh sunlight.

It prevents your vehicle exterior from deteriorating because of these. Having a garage to park in means avoiding rodent infestations. You need not worry about these vermin chewing on your wiring.

Also, a garage protects your car from birds looking to relieve themselves on your car’s paint job. It will save you lots of money since bird droppings can corrode paint when left for a while.

8. Enhance Your Property Appearance

An attractive garage paired with your house gives it a more complete look. Your garage can serve any practical purpose without sticking out like a sore thumb. Pick a color and style that goes with your home’s design.

Once you decide to sell your home, buyers will appreciate your garage.

Garage Additions

These extra features further increase your garage’s value. At the same time, they improve your property’s aesthetics and functionalities. Even when you don’t sell your home, these features will make your garage area more convenient.

Consider these garage additions:

1. Functional, Beautiful Driveways

Adding a driveway alongside your garage makes it more stunning. Put some thought into its materials and shape. The wideness depends on whether it’s a single or double car garage.

A single-car driveway is between 9 and 12 feet wide. Meanwhile, two-car garages are usually 16 to 24 feet wide. To increase your curb appeal, add some curves and use pavers or stamped concrete patio fort wayne in.

2. Garage Doors

Ensure that the doors are both pleasing and functional. Like your driveway, the garage design dictates the appropriate garage door type. Pick between overhead roll-up doors and swinging doors.

Ask your designer to help pick the right garage door design.

3. Flooring Options

Your choices go beyond bare concrete slabs for your garage. Coat your garage floor with epoxy paint, concrete stain, or other coverings. If you want a workshop space, consider floor mats.

Ask for a flooring professional for assistance. Do it when the number of flooring options is overwhelming you.

4. Electronics

If you run electricity using your existing electrical panel, you’ll save some money. However, installing 220-amp outlets for power tools and other electronics is beyond your DIY capabilities. Ask an electrician to put a new subpanel in your garage building.

The process will involve digging trenches. It accommodates the underground wiring coming from your home’s main panel. It will cost more, but the power and lighting in your garage are worth it.

Add a Garage to Your Home Now!

If you plan to add a garage area to your home, consider these reasons. They might be the necessary push to start with this home improvement project.

Are you looking for more home improvement guides? Check our other posts today.

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