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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Do Your Own Electrical Work

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Data collected by the Electrical Safety Foundation International found that there were 1,900 electrical injuries in 2019. 166 electrical injuries that year resulted in death. 

Do you need electrical work done in your home? Are you considering doing it yourself? Unless you’re a licensed electrician you shouldn’t try to do any electrical work in your home. 

This guide will explain some of the most important reasons why. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. You Run the Risk of Shocking Yourself 

Electrical repairs should only be completed by trained professionals because trying to do them yourself puts you at risk of shocking yourself. A professional has the training needed to minimize risk. 

Without training, you can easily make a mistake and hurt yourself. While a small shock might not cause harm, working with bigger appliances can send a shock through your body that can kill you.  

2. You Can Cause a Fire 

If you try to complete home electrical repairs on your own, you also put your home and personal safety at risk. Doing an electrical job incorrectly can cause a fire and this can cause a lot of damage to your property and put your life at risk too. 

Even if you think you’ve successfully finished a job, there’s a chance of faulty wiring causing a fire months later. This is why you should never try to complete this complicated work on your own. 

3. You Don’t Have the Right Tools 

Electrical repair work requires specialized tools that only qualified individuals will take the precaution to use. You might not know you have to use these tools or even know they exist. This puts you at greater risk of harm. 

Electricians will use insulated tools while working reducing the risk of harming themselves and completing a job successfully. 

4. You Don’t Have the Necessary Permits 

Fixing electrical wiring often requires specific permits needed to complete a job legally. These permits help to ensure proper building codes are followed when completing the work. 

These permits won’t be given to someone unless they are licensed to do electrical work. This is why it’s best to hire professionals who can obtain the right permits with ease. This will help you avoid penalties as well. 

5. You Need Someone With Training 

Local electricians go through an educational program, testing, and on-the-job training before receiving their license. This intensive training allows electricians to tackle any kind of electrical problem. 

If you try to complete a job on your own you might get stuck halfway through because you don’t have the training necessary to fix an issue.

Your electrician won’t run into these issues because they have years of experience working through all kinds of electrical repairs. Learn more about licensed professionals in your area that can help you. 

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Electrical Work 

Electrical work should always be left to the professionals because trying to do it yourself puts you at risk of getting injured and you don’t have the necessary tools to complete a job. 

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