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5 Features That Make Porcelain Tiles Suitable For Bathrooms

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Bathrooms are the cherished corners of the house that require some extra care to not lose their charm. The floors and walls of the bathrooms should be such that they can handle dampness without losing texture, shine, and strength. If you’re thinking about revamping your interiors or building a new house, then choosing Carreaux Metro bathroom tiles to cover the bathroom walls and floors is an ideal option.

Features That All Good Bathroom Tiles Should Possess

Bathroom tiles are types of interior tiles that can also be used for the basement, living rooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms. The best kinds of bathroom tiles are fresh concrete porcelain tiles for a number of reasons. The specific features that make these tiles different from the others are given below.

  1. They Are Water Resistant

Water-resistant tiles like porcelain tiles are ideal for bathroom floors and walls since they do not develop patchy corners when subjected to daily moisture. Besides, they are frost-resistant too; hence, an ideal option for cold climatic conditions.

  1. They Are Available In Multiple Colors And Textures

The eye-catching hues and textures of bathroom tiles are two features worth some exploration. Some of the best shades that you can buy at manufacturers and distributors like Carreaux Metro include the following.

  • Ocean Black Collection – It offers a gamut of shades like Abyss, Pearl, Sand, Rock, and Wind
  • Chalet Collection – Preferably used for floors since they are anti-slippery, these are available in attractive shades like Artic white, Silver grey, and Blue street
  • Moov Collection – The unparalleled urban textures and shades of the Moov collection are too catchy to be ignored. The best shades include beige, ivory, and anthracite
  1. They Are Very Strong

With a lesser element of clay and a higher concentration of strong minerals, all porcelain tiles are super-strong. In other words, these tiles aren’t delicate and they do not break easily. Also, they are scratch-resistant and moisture-proof options to cover walls and floors.

  1. They Display An Array Of Topcoat Finishing

The best quality porcelain bathroom tiles from the Italian and Portugal collections are available in multiple finishes like matte, Lapatto, and semi-polished. The texture of matte tiles is not shiny, semi-polished ones are slightly shiny, and lappato finish is super-polished with a shiny surface.

  1. They Are Easy To Clean

The water absorbing quotient of porcelain tiles is less than 0.5%. Hence, it is very easy to clean them. Other side-benefits of the strength of these tiles include the following.

  • They do not stain very easily
  • Their surface is more resistant to harsh cleaning agents
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