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Yard Life: 5 Handy Tips for a Green Lawn

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Did you know that landscaping your yard can increase your house value by 15%? In addition to increasing your house value, good landscaping can make your home more attractive.

If you want your yard to look amazing, the first step is to have green grass. Having a healthy lawn can prevent erosion, prevent flooding, make your house look better, and increase house value.

Do you want to learn more about how to get a green lawn? If so, keep reading for five lawn care tips.

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1. Fertilize Your Yard

If you want to have a green yard, you should fertilize your yard on a schedule. Over time, the soil in your yard will lose important nutrients it uses to keep your grass green.

Fertilizing your yard ensures that you have healthy soil and healthy GrassKiller. How often you need to fertilize your yard will depend on where you live and the type of grass you have.

While some people will fertilize their yard in the fall, others will need to fertilize it in the spring. If you are ready to create a fertilizing schedule for your yard, https://www.holmesutah.com/ can help.

2. Install a Sprinkler System

Most people know that watering their lawn can make their grass look better, but they worry about using too much water. If you want to limit your water usage and have a green lawn, consider installing a sprinkler system.

Using a sprinkler system can ensure you have a healthy lawn while using less water. They also can help prevent erosion, preserve minerals, and cool your house down during the summer.

3. Choose the Right Mowing Height

Did you know that the mowing height you set your lawnmower to can affect how green your grass is? If you cut your grass too short, it won’t be able to collect as much sunshine.

When your grass can’t get enough sunshine, it will turn brown. While your grass won’t get enough sunlight, your soil will get too much. This can cause it to lose moisture, which will dry out your grass.

4. Control Weeds

Another great tip for having a green yard is controlling weeds. Weeds take valuable nutrients that your grass needs. If you have too many weeds, your grass could start dying.

If you find any bare spots in your yard, be sure to plant more grass to prevent weeds from growing. You also can spray your yard with weed control.

5. Aerate Your Yard

If your soil is too compact, it will have a difficult time absorbing water. If the ground can’t absorb the water, you won’t have green grass.

To prevent this from happening, you can aerate your yard. When you aerate your yard, you create small holes in your yard for water to penetrate.

Do You Want a Green Lawn?

Having a green lawn is a great way to increase your house value and have a more appealing home. If you want your home to have a greener lawn, keep these tips for a green lawn in mind.

Did you enjoy reading this article on how to keep your lawn green? If so, check out the landscaping category for more helpful tips.

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