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Which Types of Roof Shingles Are Best For Kansas City Homes?

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In July 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded a population of 508,394 people and 206,295 households in Kansas City. How many varieties of roof shingles do you think are used on many of these homes, and which are more effective for Kansas City weather?

Since Kansas experiences a variety of weather conditions throughout the year, there are types of roof shingles that will work better than others and last longer too. This guide will give you the lowdown on which roof shingles you should consider for your home in Kansas City. 

Read on to learn how you can save money by getting roof shingles that will require the least amount of repair work but will also look fantastic on your roof!

Asphalt Roof Shingles

When searching for “roofing contractor Kansas City” online, pretty much every contractor will offer asphalt roofing. It’s one of the cheapest options out there, but it protects your home in some of the harshest weather conditions, except for very high winds.

This type of roofing material is easy for contractors to install, making the process quick and hassle-free. But, you may need to replace asphalt shingles every 15 to 20 years, meaning their longevity isn’t the best.

Slate Roof Shingles

If you have a larger budget, you might want to consider slate roof shingles for your Kansas City home. This type of roofing improves the look of your home and can last a lifetime or longer! 

Insects and fires won’t be an issue if you invest in slate shingles. Yet, you will need experts to come in and install this roof properly. Plus, if your roof structure isn’t strong enough, it may need reinforcing before you can install your shingles.

Metal Roof Shingles

There are many types of metal shingles you can buy. For instance, you can get steel, aluminum, or copper roof shingles to put on your home. 

The great thing about metal shingles is they last a very long time. They can also handle harsh weather conditions, but they can get dented from falling debris or hail sometimes. If you’re looking for mid-price range shingles then metal ones are a solid option.

Composite Roof Shingles

Composite roof shingles work great for Kansas City homes. They’re extremely tough and can handle severe weather conditions in Kansas City.

These shingles come in a wide variety of colors too. So, if you are interested in improving the aesthetics of your home, while not compromising on function, composite roof shingles might be the roofing option for you. 

For more information on shingle roofing in Kansas City, we recommend you check out Acord Roofing Company.

Types of Roof Shingles Explained

We’ve just scratched the surface in terms of the types of roof shingles available today. However, the ones we have mentioned work very well in the Kansas City area. And if we have to pick a favorite, we’ll go with slate shingles!

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