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When It Makes More Sense to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets Than Reface Them

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The cabinets in the kitchen are exposed to more harmful factors such as water and moisture than other cabinets in your house. Because they are subjected to wear and tear, they usually require replacements before other cabinets you may have. If your cabinets are still working but only need some facelift, cabinet refacing might be enough. But if your cabinets need to be replaced, you should consider getting Armoires En Gros kitchen cabinets as soon as possible. Replacing your kitchen cabinets might be necessary if:

They are Seriously Damaged

A facelift cannot cover up major damage or structural problems. If there is no way to fix your cabinets, you must invest in replacements instead of refacing. Your cabinets may have been serving you for years and you might not realise they have taken some beating until a contractor checked them out. Thus, it is important to inspect your kitchen cabinets first to know what you are dealing with before you start a major renovation. 

They are Not Functioning Well

Kitchen cabinets that do not perform well should be replaced. No matter how beautiful their refinishing can be, you must look for a new design if the cabinets are not meeting your functionality requirements. 

They are Made of Metal

Metal is used to be a famous option for kitchen cabinets. If there are vintage metal cabinets in your home, you may want to reface them. But refacing metal cabinets can be hard and not worth the hassle. So, investing in new cabinets may be the better option.

You Want to Change the Existing Layout

Many homeowners renovate their cabinets due to a kitchen renovation. And they decide to undertake the project to have more room or improve their room’s usefulness like having more surface area to prepare food or getting more storage space for cookware and other items. To realise these plans, it is usually necessary to change the layout of many kitchen items including the cabinets. 

If you want a new cabinet layout, it does not make sense to move the old units and put new doors and drawer fronts. Instead, you must get new cabinets when you make these major changes. 

You can save money when you have your cabinets refaced and it is a sensible option in certain cases. However, if you are dealing with the issues mentioned above, it makes sense to change your kitchen cabinets. This will give your cabinets a better look and save you money down the road by minimising the possibility of repairs. 

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