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What Is A Recessed Entrance Mat

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Suitable for frequent and intensive passages, the built-in tapetes de hule is a high-performance product that guarantees secure access for your users. Unlike a classic reception mat placed on the floor, the recessed entrance mat is designed to cover your entire recess. Easily finding its place in-store, this accessory is installed at the same level as the ground and not above. Its installation system in a plastic bowl connected to a drainpipe or in an aluminum frame gives it excellent stability.

What Are The Advantages Of A Built-In Entrance Mat

Indoors and outdoors, the highlights of the built-in doormat are numerous. First of all, this professional entrance mat is made to measure and adapts to all pits or reservations. Placed at the reception desk or in front of the entrances, it guarantees an easy opening of the door. In compliance with accessibility standards, it is suitable for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs. Another important asset: its chic and contemporary design enhances the aesthetics of a building. Available in several colors and heights, the custom tapetes para negocio offers a neat look to your home or your home. Added to this is the advantage of having a clean, easy-to-maintain entrance. Practical, recessed entrance mats also roll up effortlessly. In addition, their cleaning is done by simply vacuuming. Finally, last asset and not least: these anti-fouling solutions are easily equipped with your colors: logo, photos, acronyms, quotes, etc.

How To Choose A Recessed Entrance Mat

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a built-in entrance mat. The attendance of your establishment, the location of your welcome mat, and its dimensions are among these criteria.

The Location Of The Entrance Mat

Indoors, professional Tapetes para yoga have the role of scraping small debris such as fine dust and eliminating 30% of dirt and moisture. Outdoors, the doormats capture the largest debris (snow, gravel, mud, etc.) and retain up to 40% of the dirt and moisture.

The Dimensions

The last criterion to take into account when choosing your recessed entrance mat is its size. You have defined a booking location and would like to equip a high-performance welcome mat? Be sure to take your measurements from inside your pit. Do you have a sealed frame in the pit, and you want to install a quality carpet? Take measures from inside the frame. Finally, if you’re going to replace an existing built-in entrance mat, you have to take the ribs of the initial doormat. Important: for optimal rendering, remember to check the height of the selected inserts in relation to the reservation.

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