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What Are the Different Types of Patio Styles That Exist Today?

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As of 2022, the US deck and patio construction market has a value of $906.3 million.

If you are renovating your backyard and redesigning your patio, there are several types of patio styles you have to choose from. Knowing what your options are can help you make the most of your backyard.

For a rundown on the different patio styles available, keep reading.

Different Patio Layouts

When carrying out a backyard renovation you’ll have the opportunity to decide how you want your entire yard to look. This is a great time to redesign your patio, and you can give it a layout that fits your lifestyle.

Outdoor Dining

If you enjoy eating and socializing outside then this might be the best outdoor patio design for you. You’ll need a table and chairs, so your patio must be reasonably sized.

A typical example would be a minimum of roughly 12 feet by 12 feet. Any less than this and it will start feeling a bit cramped.

If you’re opting for this choice you should try to ensure it is adjacent to your kitchen or at least near the backdoor. Having to carry any food through various other rooms wouldn’t be the biggest problem ever, but should be avoided if possible.

Living Room

This is one of the best patio styles for those who enjoy rest and relaxation. You can use this style to give friends and family a place to relax in the sun during the summer.

Outdoor couches and shading structures are quite standard for these, but other features like deep-seating furniture can add a luxurious feel, and designing this around a fire pit makes it perfect for evening or colder days.

Comfort is key here, so these should be at least 16 feet by 18 feet, giving plenty of room for furniture and for people to move around.


While you may be very interested in the above designs, not everyone has enough space for either. If that applies to you then a better choice might be a bistro patio. This can be done in an area of about six feet by six feet, making it viable even in a smaller garden.

These aren’t too well suited for backyard entertainment, but you can include a small table with a couple of chairs for a nice spot to enjoy meals. Other features such as a wall fountain are a good way to add a bit of style without taking up too much space.


Sundeck patios can vary in size quite a bit and are more focused on other features in your garden. They are often used next to swimming pools and are perfect for relaxing in the sun.

Furniture will typically consist of chaise lounges, so the size may be dependant on how many of these you will want to have. If you have room a table and chairs can also make a good addition.

Different Patio Surfaces

On top of the overall design of your patio, the materials used can have a huge impact on the look and feel you get.

You have a number of choices, so you should pick something that you like the style of, but also fits well with your garden and house.


Pavers are one of the most common choices for patios. They are not the easiest type of patio to install, so may require a professional team if you’re not confident in doing it yourself.

The main advantage of pavers is that they come in a huge range of styles, meaning you can achieve the exact look you want. They are also very resistant to weathering. Cold and moisture won’t be an issue, which is ideal for any surface in a garden.


Tiles are often chosen for their look and feel. If used near a pool you’ll be barefoot on them a lot, and tiles feel nicer underfoot than some of the other options.

A lot of color, texture, and pattern options are available when it comes to tiles, and they are easy to clean. You can even replicate stone looks, and tiles are often a fairly inexpensive choice.

If you’re going to be using tiles around a pool you can use a wet look tile sealer to protect the tiles while giving them a more desirable look that lasts for years.


Flagstone designs use thick slabs to form your patios, but unlike tiles and pavers, these don’t form standard patterns. Instead, they come in irregular shapes giving a more unique appearance.

This does, however, make them harder to lay in a way that looks good, so you will probably need a professional to install this type.

Another option that flagstone patios present is an uneven floor. This comes down to preference, as some people may find it a bit difficult to navigate the uneven surface, but it also gives a much more natural feel.


Gravel patios are somewhat different, as unlike other types it is not set in place. This is one of the easiest and cheapest options available, but it also requires more upkeep.

As far as DIY options go this is one of the easiest, and you can often cover your patio for about $2 per square foot. You will, however, need new gravel roughly every 3 years.

The most notable downside is the uneven, loose surface can cause some problems. It can be a bit harder to navigate, and furniture can sink in. Stabilizers can be used to help prevent this.

Other Patio Surface Options

The above are some of the most common, but not the only choices available. Other popular patio options include:

  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Sand
  • Cut Stone

The Best Types of Patio Styles

Ultimately there is no definitive choice when it comes to types of patio styles. When making your decision you will need to think about your personal preference, your budget, and what you have space for.

For more articles on DIY and the home check out some of our other blog posts.

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