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What Are the Different Types of Moles That Exist Today?

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Universal well-being. That is the goal, and while natural health is one step on this pathway, it is also imperative to understand what types of diseases you could have within your own body.

Moles are one of the first indicators of cancer and need to be regularly monitored, not just for cancer prevention, but also for early detection of any malignancy within the body.

Yet, there are different types of moles, and some are dangerous as opposed to normal, which can be confusing. Read on to learn the different types of moles and how to properly take care of each one!

Congenital Nevi

Moles, also known as nevi, are areas of skin that contain pigmented cells. Moles can occur anywhere on the body and usually appear as small, dark spots. There are three main types of moles: congenital nevi, acquired nevi, and atypical nevi.

A congenital mole is present at birth or develops in the first few months of life. These moles are usually large, with an irregular border, and can be various shades of brown or black.

Acquired nevi are moles that develop later in life, typically after the age of 20. These moles are usually smaller than congenital nevi and have a round or oval shape.

Atypical Moles

Atypical moles, which are also known as dysplastic nevi, are a type of mole that is larger than a common mole and has an irregular shape. They may have a mixed coloration of pink, tan, and brown and can have a flat or raised surface.

Atypical moles are more likely to develop into melanoma, a type of skin cancer, than common moles.

Spitz Nevi

The Spitz nevus is the rarest type of mole, accounting for less than 1% of all moles. Spitz nevus is characterized by a small, raised lesion that is typically pink, red, or tan in color.

While most moles are benign, Spitz nevus can develop into a type of skin cancer known as malignant melanoma. For this reason, it is important to have any suspicious moles checked out by a dermatologist.

Blue Nevi

A blue nevus is a type of mole that is usually blue in color. These moles are usually harmless and do not grow or change shape.

However, in rare cases, blue nevi can become cancerous.


Moles are generally categorized into two types: benign and malignant. Benign moles are non-cancerous and usually do not pose any threat to your health. Malignant moles, on the other hand, can be cancerous and should be treated with caution.

Melanoma is a type of cancer that can develop from malignant moles. It is the most serious type of skin cancer and can be fatal if not treated early. There are other less serious types of moles that exist today, but melanoma is the most dangerous.

How to Get Rid of Moles 

There are several ways to go about mole removal, including shaving, burning, excision, and laser surgery. The best method depends on the type, location, and size of the mole. Moles that are removed do not usually grow back.

Types of Moles: A Guide

There are many different types of moles that exist today. Some of these moles are harmless, while others can be dangerous.

If you are concerned about a mole, it is important to talk to a doctor. They can determine if the mole is benign or malignant.

Did this article help you better understand the different types of moles out there? If so, please continue exploring our blog for more informative content.

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