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Top Tips for When You Are Preparing to Have Guests Round 

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If in the next week or so you are expecting to have some family members or friends stay over at your house, you might have some great ideas on what you can do when they arrive, but are you ready to receive guests yet? You need to ensure that you are preparing your house, so that your guests will feel at home the minute they walk through the door. There are several tips that can help with preparing your property for this, and a lot of these don’t involve too much extra work. Make sure everyone who stays over feels at home by following the below. 

Make Sure Everywhere is Clean 

This might seem like an obvious point, but a lot of the time, our houses aren’t as clean as we think they are. This is because you become used to your surroundings, so you won’t notice things as much as a new house guest might. You should be sure to have a big clean of your property before you have anybody round. This means vacuuming, cleaning bedding, dusting shelves, and sorting out every room in the house. There are several different tips for keeping your bathroom clean and, as such, it could be worth having a look at these so that the toilet is spotless for whenever you have people over. 

Get a Small Welcome Gift

If the minute someone comes into your home, you have gotten them a small welcome gift, then they are going to feel at ease straight away. Your gift can be an actual present, but a gesture can be just as effective. For instance, taking someone’s bag to their room can help, making them a coffee or cup of tea, or clearing space for their belongings are all also going to be an effective means of making someone feel welcome once they enter your property. 

Be Sure to Take Them Out

No matter how welcome you make someone feel, if they stay in a stranger’s house for too long, then this could well be a bit overwhelming for them. As such, even if you plan on having some nice nights in, you should make sure that you make some plans that will get them out of the house. There are several fun day trip ideas out there, but some of the best options are to go for a drink, out for a meal, watch a play or a movie, go to a gig, or check out a museum exhibition. Make sure whatever you have planned, people know what the schedule is, so they can plan their time accordingly. 


If you are having guests round, then you are going to want to take sufficient steps so that they feel comfortable in your home. Following simple tips, such as having a good clean, getting a small gift, or doing a small gesture when they enter and planning time out of the house will make it so your guests have an excellent time staying at your property. 

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