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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Roofing Contractors

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Are you in the market to hire a roofer? Are you comparing roofers beaufort sc fees and wondering if you will ever be able to choose the right roofing contractor? 

Choosing roofing contractors doesn’t have to be so hard. Read on to see 5 factors that you should account for in your search for a licensed roofing contractor. 

1. Ensure They Are Licensed and Insured

This is a must for any roofing contractor (or any contractor for that matter) that you hire. Without proper liability insurance, and the proper licenses, you are working with the serious risk of liability and additional expenses. 

Don’t just depend on their word – call the insurance carrier to ensure that the roofing contractor is actually insured with them. Do your due diligence and you won’t regret your decision to hire a licensed roofing contractor. 

2. Do Not Forget About Online Customer Reviews

Don’t hire people who come around asking you if you want your roof repaired. Those are just salespeople canvassing and selling.

If you wish to hire someone with roof repair experience, contact your friends, family, and colleagues to ask them who they’ve worked with previously.

Also, check out online customer reviews to see what others say about the roofing contractor you wish to pick. 

3. Ask Them About Their Roof Repair Experience

How many years of experience does your licensed roofing contractor have? 10 years? 25? Make sure you inquire about their roof repair experience and only when you are satisfied should you choose them. 

The more experience they have fixing roofs, the better shape your roof will end up in. 

4. Don’t Go for the Lowest Bid

If you are comparing contractor fees, do not go for the lowest bid. Usually, contractors bid lower than the others in hopes of getting the job, and then tack on additional fees as time goes on.

Make sure you keep your head on right and don’t go for false claims. You know better than that! Request a quote from a bunch of licensed roofing contractors and choose the one that fits all your criteria best.

5. Make Sure They Are a Local Contractor

If you work with a local contractor, who has been around for a while, you can rest assured that they will still be around 10 or 15 years in the future, in case you need a touch-up.

Or even a year in the future when your warranty runs out. 

If you choose a non-local contractor, they could close up shop, and disappear, without you being aware of it happening. And there goes your ‘rock solid’ warranty!

Choosing Roofing Contractors Requires Some Due Diligence

Even though you might be apprehensive about choosing roofing contractors, it doesn’t have to be such an ordeal.

In fact, with the five factors listed above, you will be well on your way to choosing the best licensed roofing contractor for you.

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