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Top 5 Best Lawnmowers to Ease Your Yard Work

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Homeowners will spend more than 150 hours a year getting their lawns into shape. That’s a lot of time spent walking back and forth, back and forth, pushing a mower. 

But how to make the job less of a chore? The best lawnmowers are the ones designed to help lighten the load or, in some cases, do the work for you!

You can get professional results from your mower and cut down on the time it takes to mow the grass with an electric, self-propelled, or robotic (yes, robotic!) mower. 

In the following article, we’ll detail 5 of the best mowers to ease your lawn chores. 

1. Snapper XD 82V Max

This electric lawnmower has a powerful and long-lasting 82V Li-ion 2.0ah battery kit. The cutting deck is 19-inches wide and features multiple cutting heights. 

Of course, Snapper has been in the mowing business for generations, and its electric mowers are some of the best in the world. The company is renowned for its dependable and rugged mowers.

The XD 82v Max is a heavy, rugged machine that bucks the trend of lightweight electric mowers that feel fragile. The only con associated with the XD are reports that the battery life can come in a little under the advertised 45 minutes.

2. Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force

This electric, self propelled lawnmower has a 20-inch cutting deck with 5 cutting positions. The Greenworks has a long battery life, and it takes a little under an hour and a half to fully charge its battery. 

The mower is called Twin Force because it has two cutting blades that rotate in different directions. This allows the mower to self-mulch. 

3. Honda Self-propelled HRX2175 

This gas-powered, self-propelled machine comes with a mulch bag and is one of the best-rated mowers on the market. However, the HRX2175 has wider wheels, so you may not find it a good fit for spots with longer grass or infrequent mows. 

However, the HRX2175 is a professional-type mower that starts easily, moves fluidly, and leaves a beautifully cut lawn on all other fronts. 

4. Hayter Harrier 48

Hayters are a British mower made for medium to large lawns. These powerful, self-propelled machines are the Land Rovers of lawnmowers, and you’ll be immensely pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of your Harrier 48. Many professional greenskeepers are known for using a hayter lawnmower.

The Harrier 48 delivers a precise and versatile cutting experience. Also, the mower has variable speeds so that you can adjust the blade speed to the length and wetness of your grass. 

5. 315X Husqvarna

Want to really save time and effort on your lawn? Have a robot cut your grass. These Roombas for your lawn will cost you more than $2,500 and struggle with hills and obstacles, but the 315X by Husqvarna will mow a quarter acre in 70 minutes. 

This robotic lawnmower is great for simple yards that don’t require you to install many boundary wires. 

The Best Lawnmowers Are the Ones You Use

Yes, any one of these best lawnmowers will do a good job on your lawn, but to keep your lawn in its best shape, you should set a schedule and stick to it as best you can. This is especially true for those summer months when the grass grows thick and strong.

Regular mowing actually reduces excessive wear on your machine because it’s not pushed through unruly grass. Also, with regular mowing, you’ll be on top of thin spots, clover, and crabgrass before they take hold.

Did you find this article useful? Search this website for more on lawnmowers and yard care. 

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