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Tips for Maintaining Your Residential Landscape

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As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain the landscaping and outdoor space of your home. This means that you need to ensure that no weeds are growing out of control, garden beds are maintained, and lawns are mowed regularly. With all these responsibilities it’s hard to know where to start! That is why we have created this blog post with ideas for how you can improve your backyard by following some simple steps.

Add A Water Feature To Create More Interest In Your Backyard

A water feature is a great way to add more interest and beauty to your backyard. There are several types of small water features available that can be easily installed in many home backyards by landscape design wheaton il such as ponds, fountains, stream dams, rock streams and more. In fact you can even create your own simple backyard water feature using a plastic storage bin!

Determine If You Want To Install An Above Ground Or Below Ground

Above ground pools are usually constructed from vinyl or metal materials but do require some maintenance such as cleaning the filter regularly. If you purchase a large enough pool then it will double as an excellent place for your children to cool off during hot summer days.

To Keep Mosquitoes Away Consider Installing A Bird Bath Or Fountain

If you’re worried about mosquitoes and other pests then installing a bird bath or fountain is a great way to keep them away! Mosquitoes and other bugs tend to stay far away from birds so if you install one of these water features in your backyard the mosquitoes will stay away. You can even fill it with copper sulphate which is known to be an effective natural mosquito repellent.

Install A Patio Area That’s Partially Sheltered

When there are extreme heat waves it can be very uncomfortable sitting outside on your patio or deck. If you want to make sure that your family has somewhere comfortable to relax then consider building an enclosure for part of your patio area. This will create a place where everyone can sit protected from the sun wind and rain.

Build A Small Pond

Ponds are great for your backyard because they are extremely beautiful and also provide excellent places to relax on hot summer days. The only downside is that ponds require regular maintenance such as cleaning the filter, repairing leaks, and even performing minor repairs from time to time.

Create An Herb Garden

An herb garden is a wonderful idea if you enjoy cooking. Many herbs grow very well in areas with warm climate so if you have access to one of these spaces then it’s a great idea to start an herb garden! You can either plant them in pots or build raised beds and fill them with rich organic soil. This will allow all of the plants to receive plenty of sunlight which produces beautiful leaves and flowers.

Add A Small Fenced In Area For Dogs

As a homeowner it is your responsibility to provide a safe place for your dog. This can be accomplished by adding an appropriately sized fenced in backyard that’s fully enclosed with a gate at the entrance. This will allow your pet to run free without being able to escape the yard or get into any trouble! Plus there are many health benefits associated with spending time outside so it’s vital for you and your dog to find some outdoor space where they’ll both be happy and healthy!

Install Planter Boxes

Plant boxes are useful tools if you want to add more greenery or color to your garden. They can be used as standalone fixtures or even installed along a fence line. If you choose to decorate your plant boxes then this can be a great way for you to show off your creative side!

Erect A Storage Shed

If you’re in the market for somewhere to store all of your yard tools and equipment plus other odds and ends then why not build yourself a small storage shed? They are easy to build on your own and provide an organized place where everything will have its own special spot. You can even paint it with bright colors or stain it whatever color you wish so that it matches with the rest of your backyard space.

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